Issaquah High Families, 

At this time, before emailing the school or calling in, please make sure you've read the district E-News regarding Covid-19. Please note the the Covid-19 updates will largely be coming from the ISD and they are updating their website daily.  

Please take a close look at the FAQs that can be found here on the district website.  These FAQs answer most questions we're receiving at this time. 

The highlights I want emphasize are below: 

  • We have no confirmed cases of Covid-19 in our district at this time 
  • If your child is sick, please keep them home from school (more details on the FAQs linked above).
  • If you have concerns about your child attending school based on Covid-19 even if they are not sick, you are absolutely allowed to keep them home. 
  • All of these absences are considered excused and so students will be able to make up their work without penalty. Teachers also try very hard to keep their websites updated so students can do many things even when absent if they are able to. 
  • Public Health of Seattle and King County is not advising system wide school closures at this time. 
  • The school is taking appropriate steps to prevent the spread by using products that are intended to kill coronaviruses. They have protocols to focus on the surfaces that are touched most often (see the FAQs for more details). 
  • It is our expectation that students do not joke about who might have the virus (see FAQs about racial bias).

We are continuing to monitor and make decisions day to day with the advisement of Public Health and the CDC. ISD will post updates and I will resend with specific school information if applicable. 

Thank you so much, 

Andrea McCormick