Hopefully many of you are planning to join us for curriculum night tomorrow! Below is the schedule for tomorrow night and a few very important reminders. 

  • PLEASE CARPOOL w/ your neighbors/friends. We were not able to secure a shuttle so you will need to plan on your own transportation. ASB student volunteers will be out directing traffic helping let people know when parking lots fill and identify where parking is available. 
  • Print your students' schedule from STUDENT ACCESS not parent access in order to show classroom numbers so you know where to go each period. To save paper, you can also just screen shot the schedule and access it on your phone. 
  • Arrive early and access our bookkeeper to pay student fines/fees, buy logo gear from Boosters, get a map from the PTSA table, or meet our family liaison partner.
  • The official program begins at 6:10pm in your student's 1st period classroom 



5:30pm-6:00pm  Pay fines/fees, buy logo gear, get a map, join PTSA 

6:10pm-6:20pm  Welcome video (in 1st period classroom) 

6:20pm-6:30pm  1st period  

6:35pm-6:45pm  2nd period 

6:50pm-7:00pm  3rd period 

7:05pm-7:15pm  4th period 

7:20pm-7:30pm  5th period 

7:35pm-7:45pm  6th period 

7:50pm-8:00pm  7th period 

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