Monday May 21st and Tuesday May 22nd Issaquah HS will be on a special schedule for Smarter Balance State Testing (SBAC).  All 10th and 11th grade students in Algebra 2 or higher math courses will be testing the SBAC-Math portion on school computers.  This test is also for any 11th and 12th grade students who did not pass it previously.  Posted in the Commons, student names and room numbers are posted for their specific testing locations.  Students are asked to bring water and a snack.

Monday, May 21 - DAY 1


10th  and 11th Grade

Math Computer Adapted Test



Min time needed = 2.5 hours


9th Gr

Study Hall


11th Gr

Make-up testing or Study Hall


12th Gr

Make-up testing or Study Hall




Period 1

25 minute periods


Period 2



Period 3



1st lunch



Period 4B



2nd Lunch


Period 4A



Period 5



Period 6


Practice tests and more information about graduation requirements and state testing are located on our school website on the right hand side under the “State Testing” Section. 

For any 9th, 11th, and 12th grade students, there will be rooms available for a study hall if they take transportation and want to be on campus that morning at 8 am. Students will be testing in various locations around the school, so the students on campus must be in classrooms and quiet and respectful for those who are testing.  If transportation is not an issue, students are encouraged to not arrive until 10:45am. 

If students are in Running Start they can meet in the Library once they arrive on campus.  If a student cannot make the test dates listed or if you have questions, please contact Mr. Jergens-Zmuda at

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