Welcome back!!! 

Please take a few minutes to read about a few really important details for the first week back at school. 

First day schedule

  • Attached is the first day of school bell schedule - please note that the first part of the school day is devoted to new student orientation 
  • PRINT YOUR SCHEDULES WITH ROOMS - take a minute to print your schedule with your teacher/room numbers so you know where to go 
  • Bell schedules for our new 7 period and block days are available on our website. 

Parking/Traffic flow/Getting to School - IMPORTANT 

  • Revisions: The City of Issaquah, in partnership with the ISD, has recommended some revisions to help ease traffic congestion around our school. Please take a few minutes to learn about these revisions to traffic flow and parking in and around Issaquah High School that will be in effect this coming school year, starting tomorrow September 4, 2019.
  • Parking lot barriers have been placed to separate designated staff and student parking lots. In addition, the barriers are being placed to streamline traffic flow by eliminating multiple entrances to and from the parking lots. Note that the old bus loop entrance, which is the southernmost entrance to parking, is now for staff only. Please see the attached map for the new parking layout as well as the placement of new barriers. Note the barrier at the entrance/exit to the main student parking lot is only in place in the morning to ensure there is not exit from the main student lot from 7:30am-8:00am.
  • City Street Changes: The City of Issaquah has provided the following online recap, and map to other changes on nearby city streets. Please take a moment to click on the links for those important updates from the City.
  • Other reminders from the City and the ISD: Parents and students: Please be respectful when driving through nearby neighborhoods. Please, no speeding, littering, or parking illegally! Avoid idling your vehicle by the Fourth Place Southeast closure, which can create a queue in the neighborhood.To access Southeast Evans Street in morning, drivers must head northbound on Second Avenue Southeast.
  • Riding a bus? Make sure you know your route. https://www.issaquah.wednet.edu/family/transportation/elink
  • Student drivers wanting a parking spot?  Please refer to student parking info found here: https://www.issaquah.wednet.edu/issaquahhs/view/featured-news/2019/08/26/student-parking
  • Parent drop off?  Be sure to review the map and new barriers. You will need to enter from 2nd Ave at the light, take your first right turn into the drop off lane and then exit into one que. No parent drop off in the old bus loop (now staff parking) OR the student parking lot

  Student lunches

  • Lunches are not available on student schedules
  • Students will have lunch determined by their 4th period teacher on M, W, Th, F and then based off their 5th period teacher on Tu. 
  • Please use your schedule with your 4th and 5th period teacher and then refer to the teacher lunches (attached) to determine which lunch you have on which day. 

School photos/Textbook check out 

  • Friday is school photo day and textbook checkout day 
  • Students will complete both tasks during their English class 
  • If students do not have English class on campus (running start) they may drop in at any time to the aux gym for photos and to the library to checkout textbooks
  • It is helpful if students have an old school ID to bring it with them on this day to expedite textbook checkout
  • Need a school photo order form? More are available in the main office 


WELCOME BACK!!!! Can't wait to see everyone tomorrow.