Issaquah families,

Good news! We WILL be having school tomorrow, Friday 5/17/2019. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we deal with this unexpected situation. 

The Public Health Department required us to have staff provide record of immunization to Measles after the confirmed case at Issaquah High School.  We didn’t receive word of this until late yesterday making it impossible for staff to get records after medical offices were closed. While we do require records of students, collecting records of staff is not a common practice for most districts. I imagine many districts will now be reexamining this practice.  Unfortunately for us, we had to pave the way for others by experiencing this first and losing a day of school. Hopefully you saw yesterday, the last day of school and final exams remain the same for students since the closure was limited to one school site.  

It’s been a busy day today for staff and we believe we have enough staff who were able to locate records to safely hold school tomorrow.  On the bright side, today’s events provided opportunities for staff to call their mom or dad, search through baby books, find fun childhood photos, and more.

All school activities tomorrow (clubs, sports, etc.) are a GO except for the band and photo field trips – those are cancelled.

If anything changes as far as additional health related news from Public Health, we will keep everyone in the know.

Andrea McCormick