Academic English

2015-2016 Syllabus


Instructor: Christina England


Classroom: 3301

Office: 1422



Academic English

This course runs at the same time as ELL, however these students will be focused on more advanced English structures and Academic English proficiency according to their level.


Class Expectations

-       Respect - All students should show respect for each other, for the teacher, and for the school. Everyone has the right to learn!

-       Try - No matter how difficult a task may seem, try your best. You can always ask the teacher for help. And if you don’t get it right the first time, try again!

-       Never say “I can’t”. You can.

-       Come prepared. Make sure you have all of your materials with you so that you can do your best in class.

-       Cell phones are allowed for specific purposes such as looking up images and translation. If this privilege is abused, this policy will be discontinued.



This class will support your learning in other classes and it is very important that students attend class every day. Of course students are sometimes ill, so coursework is expected to be made up when they return to school.




Some work is assigned with the teacher and some is self-guided. There will be a longer project each semester as well as an assessment to measure progress. Information about all of these assignments will be given in class and will be available on the class website. Grade weights will also be available on the site.


Late assignments are accepted, however they will be worth only 75% of the original value. All assignments must be turned in on a specified date before the end of the semester if they are to count for that semester.


Grade Breakdown:

-       Listening and Reading

-       Speaking and Writing

-       Class Assignments

-       Projects

-       Assessments