April 28 Sub plans

Period 4:

Please explain what an antonym is. All students should complete the antonym worksheets. Then, they can play bingo with the pages and word list given. Before you start the game, students might want to translate all of the words on their cards. The leader should give the word on the list and the students should mark an 'X' on the antonym (if they have it on their card!). 

Thank you!

Period 5:

Group 'Jeff":

Please complete the review questions for "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow". When finished, work on Language Power. (PK knows how to print sheets if necessary, the CDs are behind the white board).

Group "Sky":

Make sure the vocabulary page is done from yesterday. Write one sentence using each new word in their notebooks. Then they can work on Language Power. (Skye can print sheets for this group).

Thank you!

Period 6:

Please make sure that students are studying for their Biology EOC if they have no other homework to do.

Thank you!