• Seniors are you planning on Graduating this year? Check out the RED “Seniors In Danger” sign outside the ASB Bookkeeper’s window. If your student ID number is on the list, you have been identified by one of your teachers that you might not pass their class and may not graduate. Please talk to your teacher and determine what you need to do to earn a Passing Grade.  Good Luck.  Only six weeks left.
  • Hey Seniors - Prom tickets are on sale today for $35.00. Guest passes are available online and due on May 16.
  • Juniors – make sure to stop in the College & Career Center on Monday to learn about the college essay process. Stay on top of your college application game by learning about the steps you should be taking now to get started. This coming Monday will be a College Essay overview – you won’t want to miss it!
  • Hey seniors! Please send in pictures of you and your fellow seniors to libertyhs2018@gmail.com before May 16. We want everyone in the slideshow for graduation!