• Hey Seniors - Prom tickets are on sale today for $35.00. Guest passes are available online and due on May 16.
  • Hey Patriots! Are you stressed about AP Tests? Do you need a little retail therapy? Then stop by the Spirit Shack to see all the great deals we have for Spring! Every Friday during first and second lunch on friday.
  • Are you thirsty for summer? Come get quenched at the Patriot Pantry with a cascade ice, snapple, or smoothie. Or are you yearning for AP Tests to be over? Then come indulge in the comforting taste of a CBR.
  • The fifth annual “Liberty Battle of the Bands” auditions are held after school on May 9th and May 10th.  Find the poster or talk to Mr. Tanner in 1215 to sign-up for an audition.
  • Hey seniors! Please send in pictures of you and your fellow seniors to libertyhs2018@gmail.com. We want everyone in the slideshow for graduation!


  • JSA Room 5105
  • Gender Sexuality Alliance Career Center
  • Chess Club Portable 3