Good Morning, and Welcome back Patriots!  We hope you have had a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you soon.   


Students will be able to view schedules in Student Access beginning today August 28th at 8:00am.  Please note that period times, or the sequence of classes, may change as counselors work to balance class sizes.  Finalized schedules with teachers will be viewable on September 5th at 4:00pm through both Student Access and Family Access.  If your student would like to request a change to his or her schedule, the online schedule change request form will go live on Monday, August 28th at 3:00pm.   

You may click on the Schedule Change Request Form HERE (opens Monday 8/28 at 3:00 pm) to submit a schedule change request if your student:

  • Is placed in the wrong level of a course
  • Has an open slot in their schedule
  • Is a senior missing a class needed to graduate
  • Has "see counselor" listed in their schedule

Please note that these requests are requests only and are not a guarantee that any schedule will be changed.  You are expected to attend the classes you are currently scheduled for unless your schedule changes in Skyward or you are notified to do otherwise.  Counselors will confirm by email when a change cannot be made.  All students should plan to check their schedules again on September 5th, in the event a request could not be accommodated.  All school attendance policies apply and you will not be excused from your scheduled classes. 


Please review the Course Catalog in order to find an appropriate course replacement HERE.




Requests for changes at this time cannot be guaranteed in large part because the vast majority of classes are already at capacity.  The master schedule, the type and number of courses offered as well as staffing are all based upon requests made by students last spring during the Course Request Process, the verification students and families did of those requests in April, resources provided by the state, and a number of other factors including facilities and more. 


Course Change Request Timelines: 


  • Until the end of the first full week of school: You may submit a course change request based upon academic misplacement (for example, I have French 2 on my schedule but I have not taken French 1) in the course without penalty. 
  • End of the first full week of school until day 20: Courses dropped or changed will remain on the student’s official transcript with a “W” documenting withdrawal from the course. The course will NOT be included in the GPA calculation.  This notation is required by law and no exceptions will be made.
  • Day 20 and beyond: Courses dropped will remain on the student’s official transcript with an “F”. The course WILL BE included in the GPA calculation.



Thank you and please contact us with any questions,

Liberty Administration and Counseling Team