Spring is a very busy time of year at Liberty!  In addition to selecting courses for next year, we are also holding state tests to satisfy graduation requirements! 

Spring Smarter Balanced Testing – State Graduation Requirement

Washington state requires that students pass an English Language Arts test (Smarter Balanced ELA) and a math test (Smarter Balanced Math) to graduate.  

This Spring will be the first opportunity for 10th grade students to take the Smarter Balanced ELA and Math.  Students in 11th or 12th grade who need to complete any testing requirement/s will also participate.


Testing Dates

  • Thursday, Mar. 29: ELA, Part 1 (B Day)
  • Friday, Mar. 30: ELA, Part 2 (A Day)
  • Monday, Apr. 2: Math, Part 1 (B Day)
  • Tuesday, Apr. 3: Math, Part 2 (A Day)


Testing will begin each day at 8am, so please ensure that students arrive on time.  There are two parts to each test and students must complete both parts to receive a score.  Students will receive information about their testing locations before testing begins.  If they choose to, students may bring their own headphones to use on the Smarter Balanced ELA tests.


Students who are not testing (9th, 11th, and 12th graders) will be assigned to classrooms for Guided Study work time  Students can use this time to complete homework, catch up on missing work, and/or retake assessments.  Please note that the end of the quarter is Friday, April 6, so this is a great time to make sure everything is caught up!


Classes will resume on a modified schedule at 9:45am.  If students need additional time to complete testing, they will continue working until they are finished and receive a pass to go to class when they are done.


Modified Bell Schedule for Mar. 29-Apr. 3

8-9:40                  Smarter Balanced Testing (10th) / Guided Study (9th, 11th, 12th)

9:45-10:50           Period 1 or 5 (65 min)

10:55-12:00         Period 2 or 6 (65 min)

12:00-12:35         1st Lunch (35 min)                        12:05-1:10           Period 3 or 7 (65 min)

12:40-1:45           Period 3 or 7 (65 min)                     1:10-1:45              2nd Lunch (35 min)

1:50-2:55             Period 4 or 8 (65 min)


You can find more information about state testing, including test preparation resources, what is a passing score, how to view state test scores in Family Access, and a sample Smarter Balanced score report on our Liberty High School State Testing website.


If you have any questions about Smarter Balanced testing, please reach out to Erin Armstrong, Dean of Students (armstronge2@issaquah.wednet.edu or 425-837-4948).