Denise Powers  
Attendance Secretary


The following are defined as “Excused Absences:”
a.   Illness or a health condition
b.   A religious observance, when requested by a student’s parent(s)
c.   School approved activities
d.   Family emergencies
e.   Required court proceedings
f.    With prior administrator permission, family trips
g.   Disciplinary actions or short-term suspensions
All pre-arranged absences for trips must be turned in one week prior to the event to the Attendance Office. If a parent/guardian calls in or sends a note for a family trip without a pre-arranged form being done, it is coded as an unexcused family vacation.
Parents need to come in to the Attendance Office to sign their students out for early dismissals, unless there are extenuating circumstances.
Parents need to give their student(s) permission to miss an assembly. A note must be turned in before the school day begins, preferably earlier in the week.