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Wait List

  1. Owen H (1)
  2. Victor H (3)
  3. Pham (2)
  4. Mack N (2)
  5. Spencer M (1)
  6. Andrew K(3)
  7. Madhavi V (2)
  8. Jacob L (1)
  9. Heidi U (1)
  10. Andre W (1)
  11. Kai A (3)
  12. Alex A (3)
  13. Nic H (3)
  14. Christian S (3)
  15. Gabie O (3)
  16. Isaiah V (1)
  17. Lauren E (1)
  18. Annaleis V (1)
  19. Colton W (1)
  20. Dylan K (1)
  21. Mehul K (1) 
  22. Nic D (2)
  23. Johnny C (2)
  24. Kelly J (2)
  25. Brandon (2)
  26. Maddie (2)
  27. Ben Z (2)
  28. Michael (2)
  29. Sydney B (2)
  30. Cameron K (3)
How to Improve in Stats Class...

Many students think it is okay to not do the homework, because AP Stats is the easy AP class!!


AP Stats is an Advanced Placement course, with college level content. I see many students not retaining information. The fastest way to learn the information and retain the material in your long term memory is to practice doing problems. If you are faking your way through the homework, this does not count as practicing problems. Doing the problems for understanding is the vital step struggling students fail to complete. You need to do the homework, and if you get something wrong, then... 
you need to fix it!! 

There is no one that can do the homework for you!!

By completing practice problems, you also begin to naturally memorize information. If you are still struggling with a topic, put the information on 3 by 5 cards and use them as flash cards. Also, get questions answered right away...do not wait. If one topic leads to the next topic, then you will be confusing when we apply the old within the new. Trying to cram all the information into your brain right before a midterm, does not work. With statistics (aka math topics) research has proven that students do better when they...

Do Practice Problems!!

Take my advice, but if you ignore it, the consequences are on you. Adults do know what they are talking about because we have been there and done that!