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    James Mills

    425-837-7700 extension 7762







    Welcome to the 2015-2016 School Year. 

    Please return to this site for information related to my class. 


    Syllabus Information Below:

    2015-2016 School Year Classes

    -        1st Period: Basic Skills

    -        2nd Period: Elective Period (PE)

    -        3rd Period: Functional Math

    -        4th Period: Functional Literacy

    -        5th Period: Adult Living Skills

    -        6th Period: Vocational Training


    School Hours

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday


    -        Start at 7:25am and end at 2:16pm


    -        Start at 9:55am and end at 3:35pm

    Classroom Contact Information

    -        Room # 2306

    -        Email:

    -        Phone: 425-837-7762


    Skyline Staff

    Classroom Staff

    -        Teacher: Jim Mills

    -        Educational Assistant: Sabrina Jenson

    -        Educational Assistant: David Newton

    -        Occupational Therapist: Amanda Weinberg

    -        Speech Language Pathologist: Karen Fischer


    Additional Skyline Teachers and Staff

    -        Principal: Donna Hood

    -        PE Teacher: Tracy Schellberg

    -        PE Teacher: Brendan Hyland

    -        PE Teacher: McKenzie Wincewicz


    Grading and Progress Reporting


    All students’ grading is IEP Team determined. Students will usually be on a Pass/Fail System for all classes unless specific letter grading is appropriate for specific student for specific classes.


    Data Collections

    Data is collected for all IEP Goals for all students. Data collection is usually on a weekly basis unless the goal requires more regular data collection.  


    Report Card Posting

    -        Report cards come out twice a year, once at the end of 1st semester and again at the end of the year.

    -        Progress on all IEP goals is reported during the same time periods as report card posting.


    Basic Skills

    The following activities are used during the Basic Skills class period:


    1.Cooking Lessons

    2.Conversation Skills

    3.Social Game

    4.Computer Skills

    5.Picture Talk

    6.Sight Words

    7.School Hunts

    8.Vocational Jobs

    9.News 2 You


    Independent Living Skills

     The following activities are used during the Independent Living Skills class period:


    1.Vocational Jobs

    2.Shopping at QFC

    3.School Hunts

    4.Conversation Skills

    5.Sight Words

    6.Flash Training

    7.ULS Activities


    Vocational Training

    The following activities are used during the Vocational Training class period:


    1. Vocational Jobs

    1. The Restaurant
    2. Office and Delivery # 1
    3. Office and Delivery # 2
    4. Janitor # 1
    5. Janitor # 2
    6. Supply Clerk # 1
    7. Supply Clerk # 2
    8. The factory

    2. Next Dollar Up Activity

    3. Clock Activity

    4. Job Related Questions


    Functional Reading

    The following activities are used during the Functional Reading class period:


    1. Read Stories / Answer Questions

    2. Picture Talk

    3. Social Game

    4. Sight Words

    5. Task Lists

    6. Independent Reading

    7. Group Reading

    8.ULS Activities


    Functional Math

     The following activities are used during the Functional Math class period:


    1. Next Dollar Up

    2. Clock Activity

    3. Math Worksheets

    4. Money Math

    5. Math Bingo Boards

    6. Math Games

    7. Shopping Boards

    8. Cooking Lessons

    9. ULS Activities



    Blog - Post List
      • 4 Sep 2017

      Excited for the new year

      We are excited for the new year in LRC 2 Land. We have been working hard to get the room together, staff trained, and supplies ready. We are looking forward to seeing all the students and getting the school year going. Please look back to this site for...
      • 12 Dec 2016

      Holidays are Coming

      The past few weeks of school have been awesome. The class is doing great. We are excited for our winter celebration this up coming Thursday. LEAP Club is planning a great party for the class. We will also have a little gift exchange. This should be fun...
      • 23 Nov 2016

      Calendar of Events

      Calendar of Events: September: First day of school Curriculum night October: Homecoming Report card posting November: Bowling day in Bellevue Thanksgiving break Report card posting December: Holiday break Homework packets...
      • 22 Nov 2016

      Bowling Day

      The bowling day was great. All the kids, family membes, and members of the LEAP club had a great time at Lucky Strike in Bellevue. We plan to do this event again in February. Thanks for all the support.
      • 28 Oct 2016


      Homecoming was a huge success. Thanks to everyone who participated. It was an amazing night. 12 LRC 2 students Over 20 family members 10 volunteers Over 15 other SHS staff came to hang out at the party And lots of fun Our next big event...
      • 19 Oct 2016

      The Year is Going Great

      The 2016 - 2017 school year is off to a great start. All the students are doing well in all of their classes. I am so excited for what we have planned this year. Below are some great things happening at Skyline LRC 2 this year so far: Our students have...
      • 1 Jun 2016

      Coming to and End!

      The school year is just about done. We have had a great year here at Skyline High School. I am so grateful for my students' hardwork, my staffs' willingness to give me all they have each day, and for my students' families for supporting the program. We...
      • 12 Apr 2016

      Spring Time in 2nd Semester

      2nd Semester has been great. The class has a great new group of TA's who are doing amazing work in the room. We were able to put on an amazing event at Skyline on March 31st. My class and I put on and host SHS's first annual Autism Awareness Day. The...
      • 18 Nov 2015


      It is hard to believe it is almost Thanksgiving Break time. I guess time flies when you are having fun, and we are having a great year. I love Thanksgiving time at Skyline because I host my annual LRC 2 Thanksgiving feast in my classroom. All the students...
      • 14 Oct 2015

      Coffee Tuesday

      We have officially started our Coffee Tuesday job. Each Tuesday the class works with our amazing SLP and OT with a coffee job we have put together at Skyline. We are called it Spartanbucks. Each Tuesday the students collect coffee orders from teacher...
      • 14 Oct 2015


      Great news in LRC 2 land. Two of my students have been elected to the Homecoming Court. The students will get to participate in the Homecoming Assembly, Homecoming Parade, and the Homecoming Half Time Show at the Football Game. This a very exciting to...
      • 14 Sep 2015

      Great Start To The Year

      We are in week 3 of the new school year. Things are going great. The students are doing so well, I am very proud of them. All the students are adjusting to their new schedules, new classmates, and everything else that a busy school day brings. I could...
      • 26 Aug 2015

      Welcome Back. Excited to Start the 2015-2016 School Year.

      Welcome back students and parents. I am pleased to have the honor to be back at Skyline High School for another amazing school year in my LRC 2 Classroom. I have worked the entire month of August at Skyline getting ready for the year. The classroom is...
      • 16 Apr 2015

      A Great Spring

      This spring has been great at Skyline. The days are getting longer, which provides a nice energy boost in the room. The sun is nice to see in the morning. The past few weeks we have been working on a lot of group learning games in my room. The learning...
      • 1 Mar 2015

      Great Start To 2nd Semester

      We are about 4 four weeks into 2nd semester, and the transition to the 2nd half of the year has gone well. We have a new crew of TA's who are helping out in the class, along with a few returning TA's from 1st semester. We spent the first few days of the...
      • 6 Jan 2015

      The New Year, 2015

      I hope everyone had a great holiday season. I am glad to be back at school to get ready for 2nd semester. 1st semester has been great, the time seems to always go way too fast. We had a great December in the class, lots of celebrating and embracing the...
      • 6 Nov 2014

      Good bye Summer, Hello Fall

      The weather is changing, but this means we are entering a great part of the school year. The class is having a great year. The past few weeks we have been working on all students' IEP Goals, learning new vocational jobs, and engaging students in activities...
      • 22 Oct 2014

      Class Update

      Well, we are plugging away at the school year. Time really does fly. The first 7 weeks of class have been great. The students are adjusting to their new schedules, beginning to feel very comfortable working with the new TA’s, and gaining more and more...
      • 8 Sep 2014

      Welcome to the 2014-2015 School Year

      Welcome to the new school year. I am extremely excited for the new year. I hope my students and their families had a great summer. I was able to have an awesome summer, but I am now thrilled and excited to be back at Skyline High School. I have high expectations...
      • 13 May 2014

      5 Weeks left in the school year

      We are headed toward the last 5 weeks of the school year. Time has gone fast, but we still have a lot of great things planned. On May 29th the entire class in going to run the 5K with the PE class. My seniors who are graduating have visited the ACT program...
      • 28 Apr 2014

      Spring Fever

      Hello All, The spring time brings better weather, and a great time at Skyline High School. This year has been great. The school year in getting close to coming to an end, but we still have 7 great weeks left. I am excited for the next 2 months of school...
      • 19 Feb 2014

      2nd Semester Going Great

      The first few beginning weeks of 2nd semester have been awesome. I have several new Teacher Assistants in my room for each of the 6 school periods. My students have really enjoyed getting to know the new Teacher Assistants. The new TA's have adjusted...
      • 14 Jan 2014

      2nd Semester

      Second semester is getting reading to start in about two weeks. First semester went by really fast, and my students learned so much. I am very proud of all their hard work. Second semester is going to be great. The ground work I laid during the first...
      • 16 Dec 2013

      Holiday Spirit

      This is such a great time of the year. In my class we have taken time to learn about several types of holiday celebrations. The class has really enjoyed learning about the different traditions and celebrations individuals around the world take part in...
      • 25 Nov 2013

      Thanksgiving Feast

      This Tuesday, November 26, 2013 my class will be putting together a feast for the entire class, our class TA's, and all the other wonderful individuals who help us out daily. The students will be preparing the food and hosting the bash. This is a great...
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