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Link to Online Textbook:  Biology

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What materials do I need to be successful?
  • 3-ring binder dedicated solely to Biology with Paper (1-in should do).
  • Pencils with erasers
  • Black or blue pens
  • Red (or non-blue/black) pens
  • Composition Notebook with Graph Paper (SHS DECA store sells one that is durable and is the preferred size)
  • Calculator-4 function
  • Note Template Packet 
What Will We Be Studying?

Biology is the study of LIFE.  We will be studying life on both the macro (ecology) and micro (cellular) scale. I have taught Biology and many other courses in the Issaquah School District for 17 years. 

The goal is that your learning will be interactive, meaningful and challenging while preparing you for success on the Biology End of Course Exam and future science classes, including International Baccalaureate.


  1. Introduction to Biology/Science Skills
  2. Interdependence of Life
  3. Cell Structure and Function
  4. Biological Basis of Heredity
  5. Biological Evolution/Classification