Welcome to Vocal Jazz 2017-18!! 

For your info in prepping: use this link.

No More Blues: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wk9DwdX3l3I start at 8:20 on this video from Lionel Hampton 2016

Skyline Vocal Jazz Dates 2017-18

 Semester 2

Feb 14 Singagrams all day

Feb 16-18 All-State Honor Choirs Yakima, WA

Feb 26-Mar 1 Auditions for musical, Xanadu!

*Mar 1 Band & Choir Concert, 7:00 PM in Lyceum Theater 

Mar 2 - Frank DeMiero Jazz Festival all day

*Mar 9 Jazz and Java, SHS Commons - 7:00 & 8:30 PM shows

Mar 24 - Commencement Bay Jazz Festival in Tacoma

 Apr 27 & 28 State Solo and Ensemble in Ellensburg, WA

 May 2-5 Musical in Lyceum Theater

*June 5 Choir Season Finale Concert, 7:00 PM in Lyceum Theater

*June 18  SHS Graduation at Safeco


 * Required performances for choir grade

Stay tuned here for announcements and paperwork

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