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Cameron Parker                       Email: 
Classroom/office: Portable 8
Phone: Portable 8: 425-837-7769    

First year (Standard Level or SL) and second year (High Level or HL) courses are both represented here. The second year HL content is inclusive of all first year content, adds details to each content area, adds advanced programming concepts such as data structures and searching/sorting, and has a case study added as part of the IB assessment.

Regardless of year, both courses teaches the fundamental concepts of computational thinking as well as knowledge of how computers and other digital devices operate. The courses are similar to first and second semester college level courses.

Students will develop computational solutions using Java. This will involve the ability to:

  • identify a problem or unanswered question
  • break down the problem into smaller, solvable pieces
  • design, prototype and test a proposed solution
  • work with clients to evaluate the success of the proposed solution and make recommendations for future developments.

My goals for the course are:

  • to teach students how to break down problems, develop algorithms, and create working solutions
  • to prepare students for success on the IB assessment
  • to get a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of computer science for success in college/career

The syllabus is in the Unit 0 folder on the Google drive.

Course Materials

All course materials (for both courses) are on a Google Drive. The below icon is a link.


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