Daily Agenda
  • Thurs. Feb. 15th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Last New Deal presentation!

    2. Junior Project topics (they will be chosen the Tuesday we return from break): JP Topics 2018.xlsx

    3. Seating Survey: https://goo.gl/forms/BNfUM9pvwRPEnsBw2

    4. Work time on 1930's Creative Projects


    Study for Map Quiz

    Complete Creative Projects: Bring creative project Friday, submit rationale to Turnitin.com

    • 15 Feb 2018
  • Wed. Feb. 14th

    Today we worked on:

    1. New Deal Presentations

    2. Scottsboro Film


    Work on 1930s culminating project

    Prep for quiz tomorrow:

    • 14 Feb 2018
  • Tues. Feb 13th

    Today we worked on:

    1. New Deal Presentations

    2. Scottsboro Boys


    1930's creative project (due Friday)

    US Map - study for retake on Friday

    • 13 Feb 2018
  • Mon. Feb.12th

    Today we worked on:

    1. New Deal Presentations

    2. Began viewing Scottsboro and working on viewing guide.


    Work on 1930's culminating creative project (due Friday)

    • 12 Feb 2018
  • Fri. Feb. 9th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Map Quiz

    2. Intro and brainstorm for 1930's Culminating Project (Due Fri. 2/16):DOCX

    3. Link for submitting New Deal presentations: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1N1NbSp_iCQHyiw3hOM-y5J0AizY7EPSgTvbTTNVAuF0/edit?usp=sharing

    4. Began New Deal presentations


    Submit your initial ideas regarding your 1930's Culminating Project to www.goformative.com

    • 8 Feb 2018
  • Thurs. Feb 8th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Reviewing Superman comics and turning in our Escapism/Hollywood Golden Age guided notes

    2. New Deal presentation reminders and work time with partner. 



    New Deal presentations start tomorrow

    Map Quiz tomorrow

    • 8 Feb 2018
  • Wed. Feb. 7th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Escapism and the Golden Age of Hollywood (see google slides and these guided notes: DOCX

    HW (Due Thursday):

    Read and take notes on Superman Comics: Superman Comic.docx

    • 7 Feb 2018
  • Tues. Feb. 7th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Turning in our FDR Inaugural critical read and response

    2. New Deal Presentations assigned.  See link for your group assignment: DOCX

    3. Library Research Day for New Deal presentations. DOCX

    HW: Study 20 minutes for map quiz

    • 6 Feb 2018
  • Mon. Feb. 5th

    Today we worked on:

    1.  Map Study Time

    2. Took a notes on what we learned from our peers' work. Link to Class List of Infographics: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10bafDJaxoL4D95i4D-PerO1lWQgcNM68sRvX9RtZEx0/edit?usp=sharing

    3. Finished viewing Stormy Weather video and turned in viewing guide.  (see link on agenda for 5/2 if you were absent)

    4. Notes on the Dust Bowl (see google slides)

    HW Due Tuesday:

    Critically read (annotate) FDR's Inaugural Address and write 1 page (open format) response. DOC

    • 5 Feb 2018
  • Fri. Feb 2nd

    Today we worked on:

    1. Reflection Friday: Survey about our collaboration on the Infographic project (https://goo.gl/forms/NYRy2zkBhOcot5gO2)

    2. Viewing "Stormy Weather" Film.  If you were absent: Please watch the film (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSfzFWU5LbY) and complete the viewing guide: DOCX

    HW: None

    • 2 Feb 2018
  • Thurs. Feb. 1st

    Today we worked on:

    1. Map study time

    2. Infographic work time (due Friday).  Submit to your group's google doc.

    HW: None

    • 1 Feb 2018
  • Wed. Jan 31st

    Today we worked on:

    1. Map Study Time

    2. Reviewing causes of Great Depression

    3. InfoGraphic work time with group (due Friday):

    HW: Be ready to contribute to your group's infographic tomorrow!

    • 31 Jan 2018
  • Tues. Jan 30th

    Today we worked on:

    1. New Seats

    2. Studying for our group map quiz.  Blank Map: PDF

    3. Understanding the causes of the Great Depression

    HW: Skim Chapter 30 for understanding of terms.  Set a timer for 20 minutes.

    • 30 Jan 2018
  • Wed/Thurs/Fri


    Congrats on finishing first semester!

    • 24 Jan 2018
  • Tues. Jan. 23rd

    Today we worked on:

    1. Studying for finals - group review or independent review

    Study hard and do your best on finals!

    • 23 Jan 2018
  • Mon. Jan. 22nd

    Today we worked on:

    1. A little GG movie time

    2. Kahoot! and general questions

    HW: Study for finals!

    • 22 Jan 2018
  • Friday Jan. 19th

    1920's Speakeasy Party Day!

    Thank you for the delicious treats, amazing costumes and stimulating conversations!

    Things we turned in today:

    • 1920's Celebrity Posters
    • GG Socratic Seminar Prep 

    Due Monday: Reflection write up for the speakeasy (page 2 in from the goldenrod packet)

    • 19 Jan 2018
  • Thurs. Jan. 18th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Notes, discussion and analysis of Harlem Renaissance.  See google slides and this worksheetDOCX (we did not turn in the worksheet).


    Be ready for 1920s speakeasy tomorrow!  Bring your poster!

    • 18 Jan 2018
  • Wed. Jan 17th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Finals Study Guide passed out - available under the "files" tab above.

    2. Work day to prep for Speakeasy party on Friday

    HW Due FRIDAY:

    • 17 Jan 2018
  • Tues. Jan.16th

    UPDATED: Check out the "Files" tab and click on Finals Review for the Study Guide and any additional review materials.

    Today we worked on:

    1. Thesis writing for our 1920s celebrity poster

    2. Resurgence of the KKK - notes and primary source analysis with discussion

    3. Discussion of Confederate monuments in US (see google slides).


    Continue working on 1920's celebrity poster and prep for Friday's seminar.  Tomorrow is a work day.

    • 16 Jan 2018
  • Fri. Jan 12th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Library research time on 1920s celebrities.

    2. Discussing questions about Speakeasy activity.  

    3. Last day to submit late work for our current unit for partial credit is Fri. Jan. 19th


    1920s celebrity research due to Turnitin.com by Tuesday beginning of class. 

    • 12 Jan 2018
  • Thurs. Jan. 11th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Assigning our celebrities to research for 1920s Speakeasy

    2. Speakeasy Activity Instructions: DOCX. We focused on instructions regarding research (due Tues.)

    3. Work time in Library on biographical research.

    4. Turned in our Prosperity DBQ


    Nothing due tomorrow.  Keep working on research.

    • 11 Jan 2018
  • Wed. Jan. 10th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Modernists vs. Traditionalists Discussion and notes

    2. Introducing which celebrities you can choose from for the 1920s speakeasy.  We will pick tomorrow in class: DOCX

    3. Work time on Prosperity DBQ: DOCX


    Prosperity DBQ due Thurs.

    • 10 Jan 2018
  • Tues. Jan 9th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Viewing a documentary on the 1920s.  If you were absent, please review information from chapter 28. 

    2. Evidence gathering activity with the Red Scare articles.

    3. We turned in our OPCVLs for the Red Scare


    Read and take notes on Chapter 29: Traditionalists vs. Modernists due Wed.

    • 9 Jan 2018
  • Mon. Jan. 8th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Quiz

    2. Intro to 1920s: Attitudes post WWI and Seattle General Strike (see google slides for unit 6)

    3. Red Scare documents: DOC

    OPCVL document: DOCX

    • 8 Jan 2018