Daily Agenda
    • 22 Sep 2017

    Fri. Sept. 22nd

    Today we worked on:

    1. Reflection Friday- posting on SeeSaw.  If you were unable to post during class, try to post this weekend.  

    2. Group work on the American Founding Ideals


    Complete 4.2 Worksheet timeline on Slavery

    Complete Chapter 5 worksheet Road to Revolution (Text 5.1-5.3).docx

    • 21 Sep 2017

    Thurs. Sept 21

    Today we worked on:

    1. Digital Citizenship discussion

    2. Work time to finish page 1 of 0385.Colonial Rights and Slavery in the Colonies (Textbook 4.3).docx.  Packet is due on Monday.  We will work with info from page 1 in class Friday.

    Accessing textbook online: click on "Classlink" under Quick Links beneath the calendar on this webpage.  Use your SHS network log-in info.  Click on TCI icon.  Install the extension for your browser and enable pop-ups if requested.  Navigate to chapter 4!


    Submit final version of immigration story to Turnitin.com

    Bring peer edit form and rough draft to class Friday

    • 20 Sep 2017

    Wed. Sept 20th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Passing back work and discussing opportunity to redo "Mayflower Compact" worksheet.  Redos must be completed in a DIFFERENT color pen and submitted by Friday 9/22.  Please review these guidelines for help with critical reading:Critical Reading Google Slides

    2. 13 Colonies Regions group work and class notes

    • 19 Sep 2017

    Tues. Sept 19th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Writing time for "My Immigration Story"

    HW: Submit Rough Draft to Turnitin.com (Class ID: 16148714 enrollment key: juniors) AND print a copy for peer editing in class

    • 18 Sep 2017

    Mon. Sept 18th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Puritan review

    2. 13 Colonies worksheet group work time - we will continue to work on this tomorrow and Wed.

    3. My Immigration Story work time.  We will have work time tomorrow, too.  Rough draft due Wednesday

    • 15 Sep 2017

    Fri. Sept. 15th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Reflection Friday

    2. Reviewing Zinn article from Actively Learn

    3. Early Colonial America Lecture.  We also discussed and turned in the "Mayflower Compact" and "City on a Hill" worksheet.


    1. Research 3 colonies and add notes to the "13 Colonies Worksheet" 13 Colonies Comparison Chart.docx (Due Monday)

    Reminder: Monday we will have writing time for our "My Immigration Story"

    • 14 Sep 2017

    Thurs. Sept. 14th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Adding a timeline of colonial history to our notes (transfer from the "quiz" worksheet you received on Wednesday)

    2. Read, Annotate and answer questions on:The Mayflower Compact and City on hill with questions.doc (Due Friday)

    HW: Have Step 1 complete for My Immigration Story

    • 13 Sep 2017

    Wed. Sept 13th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Reviewed questions about "My Immigration Story"

    2. Notes on Southeast, Southwest, and Plains NA Tribes

    3. Pre-Quiz on Colonial American Timeline

    HW: Actively Learn Howard Zinn Article due tomorrow

    • 12 Sep 2017

    Tues. Sept. 12th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Checked out books

    2. Reviewed and turned in our critically read "Song for the Dead" - added to our notes on people of Vancouver Island

    3.Notes on Eastern Woodland Tribes


    Double check that you have completed all the questions on your goformative surveys

    • 11 Sep 2017

    Mon. Sept. 11th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Map work time for Native American cultural regions

    2. Notes on Northwest Coast Tribes


    1. Log into goformative.com (join code is PNTFXY) and complete the "Welcome Survey" and "Tech Survey"

    2. Critically read "Song for the Dead" Copper Woman Song for the Dead.pdf

    • 8 Sep 2017

    Fri. Sept. 8th

    Today we worked on:

    LA time with Ms. Morales and Spartan Day!

    Syllabus due Monday!

    • 7 Sep 2017

    Thurs. Sept 7th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Defining the American Dream and understanding how privilege impacts/interacts with our concept of the American Dream.


    • 28 Aug 2017

    Wed. Sept. 6th

    Welcome to the first day of 11th grade!  This is where you will find a short description of what we worked on each day and what to work on for HW.

    Today we worked on:

    1. Getting to know our stengths

    2. Reviewing Syllabus (please sign and return by Monday 9/12) Syallabus Morales Petersen 2017-18.docx

    3. Classroom Norms using Work Habits, Collaboration, Citizenship and Initiative

    No HW!

Period 2 - 11th US History
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