Daily Agenda
  • Wed. April 25th

    Today we worked on:

    1. TC Presentation

    2. Sharing Beats poems

    3. JFK Inaugural Address: JFK Inaugural Speech Perspectives.docx.  Turned-in during class.


    Read and take notes on Ch. 47 "Age of Camelot" - Due tomorrow

    • 25 Apr 2018
  • Tues. April 24th

    Today we worked on:

    1. 1950s Unit Teest

    2. The Crucible Presentations


    Beats Assignment due tomorrow 


    • 24 Apr 2018
  • Mon. April 23rd

    Today we worked on:

    1. Writing Instruction Survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSepAoYSCIBDYXiV4VjDhFNo_sAG5Tk6I_xTfZHRXr1WL0KIJA/viewform

    2. EXTENSION for Beat Assignment - now due Wednesday.

    3. Finished Pleasantville; discussed and turned in viewing guide.

    4. Reviewed for 1950s Test tomorrow - see study guide below 04/20

    5. Work time on The Crucible Acting project


    STUDY for Test 

    The Crucible performances - be ready with props, you will have 10 minutes to rehearse tomorrow.

    • 23 Apr 2018
  • Fri. April 20th

    Today we worked on:

    1. 5 minute conference with our TC Acting Groups - plan what needs to be accomplished this weekend.

    2. Viewing Pleasantville and completing viewing guide (Pleasantville Viewing Guide.docx).  If you are absent, please view the film on your own or read a summary of the film to understand main plot and themes.


    Beats Assignment steps 5&6 - PRINT and bring finished assignment Monday!

    Review Study guide for 1950s test on Tuesday: 1950s Study Guide Integrated 2018.doc

    • 18 Apr 2018
  • Thurs. April 19th

    Today we worked on:

    1. TC - Turned in Act IV worksheet 

    2. TC - Finished film

    3. TC - Test

    4. TC - Worked with our groups on the acting project (you will have about 40 minutes to work with your group on Monday, presentations are Tuesday)


    Beats Assignment Step 3&4

    • 18 Apr 2018
  • Wed. April 18th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Shared our Interpreting Howl poems.  

    2. Notes on the Beats

    3. Instructions for Beats analysis and mimic assignment (due Monday): 

    Beats Assignment InstructionsBeats Assignment Instructions 2018.docx 

    Beats textsBeats Text Excerpts.docx

    4. TC - Finished Act IV - see agenda Tues 4/17 for teacher prompts to complete worksheet

    5. Discussed the Crucible Acting Project - due Tuesday


    Beats Assignment Steps 1&2

    Complete TC Act IV Worksheet and review for plot test

    • 18 Apr 2018
  • Tues. April 17th

    Today we worked on:

    1. TC - Turned in Act III worksheet and took quiz on Act III

    2. TC - Reading Act IV

    3. Confessional Poetry - Discussion and shared our poems/analysis (turned in).

    4. Beat Poetry Notes


    Interpreting Howl Worksheet (due tomorrow): Interpreting Howl.docx

    • 17 Apr 2018
  • Mon. April 16th

    Today we worked on:

    1. TC - viewing the film.

    2. Working on the Confessional Poetry Packet - Step 2 due tomorrow: 7776.1950s Confessional Poetry 2018.doc


    Complete TC Act III worksheet (due Tuesday)

    Complete Steps 1 and 2 of Confessional Poetry Packet (due Tuesday)

    • 16 Apr 2018
  • Fri. April 6th

    Congratulations on Finishing the Jr. Project!!

    Today we worked on:

    1. Turning in the process folder for the Jr. Project

    2. Shout-out to our PEAP on SeeSaw for job well done on the Jr. Project

    3. TC Act III - Finish Reading.  Act III RFQ Worksheet (2742.TC Reading Questions by Act.docx) due on Tuesday 4/17 after break.  Monday after break = movie watching day!

    4. PERIOD 3/4 ONLY: Confessional Poetry - Notes (see google slides "files" -> "Unit 9 1950s" -> "Counterculture" on this packet: 1950s Confessional Poetry 2018.doc

    Work day to complete the packet on Monday after break (means NO HW on break!!)


    • 6 Apr 2018
  • Thurs. April 5th

    Today we worked on:

    1. TC Act III - Notes and reading.

    2. Per 5/6 only: ELA District Post Assessment

    3. Jr Project peer edit polished draft

    4. Jr Project revisions




    Finish Jr Project!!!

    • 5 Apr 2018
  • Wed. April 4th

    Today we worked on:

    1.  Per. 3/4 Only - ELA District Post Assessment.  If you were absent, please see me to schedule a make-up time before Friday

    2. Per 5/6 Only - Polished Draft Work Day

    3. All periods: Analysis of MLK speech "I've Been to the Mountaintop."

    If you were absent: Please read his speech (http://kingencyclopedia.stanford.edu/encyclopedia/documentsentry/ive_been_to_the_mountaintop/) and take notes on reasons why he argues the citizens of Memphis should help the Sanitation workers with their strike.


    Jr. Project (Polished draft due tomorrow - if at all possible, print at home).

    • 4 Apr 2018
  • Tues. April 3rd

    Today we worked on:

    Per 5/6: Watching TC and participating in the "Choices" Assembly

    Per 3/4:

    1. TC Analysis of Act 2 and acting activity

    2. Turned in Act 2 Worksheet

    3. Jr Project polished draft work time.  Reminders:


    Jr Project

    • 3 Apr 2018
  • Mon. April 2nd

    Today we worked on:

    1. Finishing Act II of TC.  Worksheet due tomorrow.

    2. Discussed feedback on Jr Project rough drafts and expectations (Title page template and peer edit form) for polished draft peer edit (please see documents under "files" -> "Jr Project").

    3. Emmett Till film.  We turned in the viewing guide in-class.  If you were absent, please watch the film using this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrHrMHtR1Ds and complete the viewing guide: Emmett Till Viewing Guide.docx.  Graphic images warning.


    Jr Project

    TC Act II Due tomorrow

    • 2 Apr 2018
  • Fri. March 30th

    Today we worked on:

    1. TC - Finished Act II.  Worksheet for Act II due Tues 4/3. 2287.TC Reading Questions by Act.docx

    3. JP: Turned in printed Rough Draft for teacher feedback

    4. JP: Peer Edited rough drafts on turnitin.com

    If you were absent: Please log-in to Turnitin.com and click on the assignment titled "Jr Project Rough Draft PEER EDIT" and "start review."  You must provide feedback on the page with comments AND answer ALL the questions that appear on the right side of the screen.  Due Monday by 10pm.

    5. Quiz on "Two Americas" worksheet

    6. Discussion on poverty


    NONE (unless you need to get caught up with your Jr Project)  

    • 30 Mar 2018
  • Thurs. Mar. 29th

    Today we worked on:

    1. TC Act II - notes and reading

    2. Jr Project rough draft work day


    Jr Project rough draft due tomorrow (turnitin.com BEFORE class AND a PRINTED copy)

    • 29 Mar 2018
  • Wed. March 28th

    Today we worked on:

    1. 1950s Conformity discussion

    2. Two Americas (Ch. 42) Worksheet (due Thurs): Two Americas Ch. 43 Guided Notes.docx

    3. TC Act 1 Quiz

    4. TC Act 1 Worksheet: Completed and turned in.  Includes teacher prompt:


    Jr Project

    Finished Two America's Worksheet (due tomorrow)

    • 28 Mar 2018
  • Tues. Mar. 27th

    Today we worked on:

    1. TC Act 1 - Finished reading.  We will complete the worksheet on Wed.

    2. Jr Project: Editing Works Cited

    3. Jr Project: Instructions for rough drafts (see google slides "Jr Project Writing Instructions")

    4. Jr Project Work Time


    EDpuzzle 1950 Date with the Family (due tomorrow)

    JR Project

    • 27 Mar 2018
  • Mon. Mar. 26th

    Today we worked on:

    1. TC reading Act 1 and begin watching film

    2. Lecture notes and discussion of 1950s society and conformity

    3. Jr Project: turned in works cited; discussed feedback on outlines; no more stamps from teacher (just need signature from PEAP)


    Jr Project - rough draft

    EDpuzzle: 1950s Date with the Family (due Wed).

    • 26 Mar 2018
  • Fri. March 23rd

    Today we worked on:

    1. Reading the beginning of The Crucible (TC) and taking notes with a character web (see google slides).

    2. We answered one question on the TC Act 1 reading questions worksheet: TC Reading Questions by Act.docx

    3. Korean War notes (see google slides)

    4. Korean War video and viewing guide.  If you are absent, please take detailed notes from the textbook section 39.3 and turn-in on Monday.


    Jr Project (reminder: printed copy of works cited due Monday)

    • 23 Mar 2018
  • Thurs. Mar. 22nd

    Today we worked on:

    1. Jr Project -Outlines Work Day

    2. The Crucible (TC) background (see google slides and textbook in class).  

    3. Assigning characters for the read-aloud


    Complete Salem Witch Trials DBQ paragraph (submit to turnitin.com)

    Jr Project

    • 22 Mar 2018
  • Wed. Mar. 21st

    Today we worked on:

    1. Salem Witch Trials DBQ discussion of evidence and writing time for thesis-driven paragraph (due Friday to turnitin.com)

    2. Dot activity

    3. Red Scare Notes and McCarthyism


    Jr Project

    (Complete Salem Witch Trials DBQ paragraph for Friday)

    • 21 Mar 2018
  • Tues. March 20th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Jr Project: Outlining Work Day

    2. TKAM: Socratic Seminar.  We turned in Socratic Prep + Reflection, Iceberg Assignment and TKAM Reading Packet


    Jr Project

    Salem Witch Trials DBQ Analysis (Due Wed.)

    • 20 Mar 2018
  • Mon. March 19th

    Today we worked on:

    Today we worked on:

    1. TKAM Test

    2. TKAM work time:

    3. PEAP check-in

    4. Review of Cold War reading

    5. Salem Witch trails intro notes.  

    6. Salem Witch Trials DBQ primary sources: 1754.Salem Witch Trials DBQ Documents.pdf

    Salem Witch Trials DBQ Analysis packet: Salem Witch Trials DBQ Questions.docx


    TKAM: Due tomorrow 1) Packet, 2) Prep for Socratic Seminar, 3) Iceberg

    Jr Project

    Salem Witch Trials: Analyze documents and complete questions in packet for Wed discussion.  We will write an analysis paragraph in-class on wed.

    • 19 Mar 2018
  • Fri. Mar. 16th

    Today we worked on:

    1. WWII Test

    2. Ch. 38 Origins of Cold War. Read and take notes using these reading questions: Origins of Cold War Ch.38 Reading Qs.docx

    3. TKAM - Discussion of end of novel

    4. Introduced topic for TKAM Socratic seminar on Tues 3/20:

    4. TKAM Iceberg Work time (see agenda 3/15 for detailed instructions)

    5. Finished Movie


    Jr Project

    Review TKAM notes for comprehension test on Monday

    Finish Ch. 38 Cold War notes

    • 16 Mar 2018
  • Thurs. Mar. 15th

    Today we worked on:

    1. TKAM Discussion of chapter 29&30

    2. TKAM Iceberg Project (Due Tues): TKAM Iceberg Project.docx

    3. Jr Project: Instruction on Source Evaluation or Outlines 

    Use templates under "files" -> "jr project"


    Jr Project 

    WWII Test

    TKAM Ch. 31!

    • 15 Mar 2018