Daily Agenda
    • 22 Sep 2017

    Friday. Sept 22nd

    Today we worked on:

    Period 3-4 ONLY - SeeSaw Join code IAHT (expires 3:12pm 9/22)

    1. Reflection Friday with SeeSaw.  If you were unable to complete this during class, try this weekend.  We will work with this again next week.

    2. American Values posters working with events from 4.3 worksheet - turned in worksheet.

    3. "Sinners" presentations and discussion


    Chapter 5 worksheet due Monday: Road to Revolution (Text 5.1-5.3).docx

    • 21 Sep 2017

    Thurs. Sept. 21

    Today we worked on:

    1. Turned in rough draft and peer edit form for Immigration story (Final draft submitted online)

    2. Discussion on Digital Citizenship

    3. Work time on Sinners (each person paired with one partner and assigned a paragraph): U01 Pur_Sinners Excerpt w Cues.pdf


    Finish 4.3 Worksheet.  See instructions on 9/20 agenda for how to access online textbook.

    • 20 Sep 2017

    Wed. Sept. 20th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Puritan Socratic Seminar (we turned in our evaluation sheets and the Young Puritan's Code)

    2. Work time on Textbook chapter 4 Section 3 Worksheet; Colonial Rights and Slavery in the Colonies (Textbook 4.3).docx

    To Access textbook at home: Click on "Classlink" under the Quick Links category under the calendar on this webpage.  Use your SHS network log-in and password.  Click on the TCI logo.  You may need to enable pop-ups and install the extension on your browser.  Navigate to Chapter 4!


    Complete your final revisions on your immigration story.  Submit to turnitin.com

    • 19 Sep 2017

    Tues. Sept 19th

    Today we worked on:

    1. 13 Colonies, compare with classmates AND notes from google slides

    2. Puritan Values today - read one article as HW and be prepared to discuss in class tomorrow: Purtian Values Today Jigsaw.pdf

    3. Peer Edit Time for "My Immigration Story" Peer Edit My Immigration Story.docx - if you were unable to peer edit today, you must still have someone peer edit your paper and be ready to turn in the peer edit form with your final on Thursday 

    • 18 Sep 2017

    Mon. Sept. 18th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Notes on Puritans

    2. Young Puritan's Code (due Tuesday) Puritan Edwards Young Puritan's Code.doc

    3. 13 colonies worksheet group time - we will continue to work on this tomorrow and Wednesday

    4. Work time on "My immigration story" (Rough Draft due to Turnitin.com AND printed copy tomorrow)

    • 15 Sep 2017

    Fri. Sept. 15th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Colonial America notes

    2. We discussed and turned in our OPCVLs for Mayflower compact and City on a Hill

    3. Work time for My Immigration Story (Step 1 was stamped in class)

    HW due Monday: 13 colonies worksheet 13 Colonies Comparison Chart (full version).docx; we are using this map for reference 13 Colonies Map.pdf

    • 14 Sep 2017

    Thurs. Sept 14th

    Today we worked on:

    1. OPCVL for "City on a Hill" - 5 sentence paragraph (due Friday) city on a hill no questions.docx

    2. Prep time and presentations of our Sammamish Creation Myths

    HW: Complete OPCVL for City on a Hill and complete your interview Step 1 of My Immigration Story

    • 13 Sep 2017

    Wed. Sept 13th

    1. Reviewed questions about "My Immigration Story"

    2. Worked on OPCVL for Mayflower Compact (paragraph of 5 sentences due tomorrow):   The Mayflower Compact no questions.docopcvl_template.docx

    3. Worked on Creation Myth Activity.  Presentations are tomorrow - you will have about 20 minutes with your group before presentations.  NA Creation Myths Assignment 2017.docx

    • 12 Sep 2017

    Tues. Sept. 12th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Book Check out; new seats

    2. Notes on Native American Tribes

    3. Reviewed Actively Learn assignment 

    4. Finished notes for World on Turtle's Back (see document from 9/11) and read the story in groups.  Text: NA_world_turtlesback_text.pdf

    5. Handed out My Immigration Story assignment My Immigration Story.docx.  Step 1 is due on Friday 9/15.

    HW: Begin to think about who you will interview for the Immigration assignment.

    • 11 Sep 2017

    Mon. Sept. 11

    Today we worked on:

    1. Reviewed Copper Woman Critical Reading (turned in)

    2. Notes on Northeast Tribes (Eastern Woodlands)

    3. Viewed and discussed two creation myths

    4. Began notes on Iroquois creation myths: The World on the Turtle Reading Guide 2.docx


    1. Complete "Tech Instructions" Survey on goformative.com

    2. Read and Answer questions on Howard Zinn reading on Activelylearn.com

    • Period 3/4: Actively Learn class code: n39u5
    • Period 5/6: Actively Learn class code: 7lgam
    • 8 Sep 2017

    Fri. Sept. 8th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Thesis writing in our notebooks responding to the question "What does it mean to be an American?"

    2. Discussion of the American Dream from the Native American Perspective of Charlie HIll

    3. Passed out map of pre-Columbian North American tribes (see folder in class for a copy)

    4. Lecture and note taking Pacific North West Coastal Tribes

    HW due Monday: Critically read Copper Woman Song for the Dead.pdf; signed Syllabus also due Monday

    • 7 Sep 2017

    Thurs. Sept 7th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Discussing what it means to be an American and how privilege impacts/interacts with the American Dream

    2. Signing in to goformative.com and completing the "Welcome Survey."  To find your JOIN CODE please use the document titled "Technology Codes" under the "files" tab above -> "Syllabus and tech instructions."

    • 28 Aug 2017

    Wed. Sept 6th

    Welcome Back to School!  This is where you will find a short description of what we worked on each day in class and HW reminders.

    Today we worked on:

    1. Evaluating our stengths

    2. Class norms

    3. Reviewing the Syllabus (please return with signatures by Monday 9/6) 11th Syllabus Petersen Integrated 2017-18.docx

    No HW