Daily Agenda
  • Thurs. Oct. 18th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Question prompts for class discussions: Blooms Taxonomy for Class Discussions.docx

    2. We reviewed and discussed Ch. 9 Worksheet (road to war) and the Frederick Douglass excerpt in table groups using our self-created questions.

    3. Jigsaw activity: Reading primary sources (pick-up in class if you were absent) for and against slavery - adding to our notes using the following chart.  We will wrap up this conversation on Tuesday.

    4. Huck Finn (HF) - Introduction notes on Mark Twain and Realism (see google slides).  Turned-in Twain's article "Only a N****"

    5. We read HF Ch. 1 together.  We are using a HF reading guide (pick-up in class) to record our learning as we read. 


    LA: HF Ch. 2-4. The audio links are located under "files" and "resources"

    SS - Continue to work on your research.

    Reminder: Our last research check is at the end of our work period in the library tomorrow.  

    • 18 Oct 2018
  • Wed. Oct. 17th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Library: Research time for SS Paper - focused on finding print sources

    2. Continued discussion of language and Huck Finn. 

    3. We read Mark Twain's Article "Only a N***" (due tomorrow):1234.Mark Twain on Humanity of Slaves.docx

    LA - Mark Twain "Only a N****" - due tomorrow.  

    SS - Finish Critical Read of Douglass article (see agenda 10/16) - due tomorrow

    Research Check #2 Tomorrow: 4 total sources and 24 total note cards - check on Friday 

    • 17 Oct 2018
  • Tues. Oct. 16th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Reviewing Ch. 9 Road to War worksheet - checked off by Ms. Petersen

    2. Slavery Data Activity

    3. Reading Excerpt from Frederick Douglass: 2860.Douglass.doc (due Thurs).

    4. Class discussion of racist language used in HF

    5. Signed up for EdPuzzle (class code: efearie) and watched two videos (Jay Z and Ta Nehisi Coates).  We will continue the discussion tomorrow.


    Due Tomorrow: Research 2 sources + 12 notecards

    Due Thursday: Finish critical read of Douglass Excerpt 

    • 16 Oct 2018
  • Mon. Oct. 15th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Research day #1 in the library on our Fall Research Papers

    2. Share your NoodleTools project with teacher.  Search "Petersen" in the inbox name and add to the correct period.

    PLEASE write only your LAST NAME so that I can find your research in my inbox:

    3. Presentations on -isms

    4.Test for U2 - LA -isms


    SS - Ch. 9 Worksheet (road to war) due tomorrow (see agenda 10/11)

    LA  - read and write a paragraph response to the article "Talking About That Word:" Article_ Father Talking About N-Word.docx

    • 15 Oct 2018
  • Fri. Oct. 12th

    Today we worked on:

    1. LA -isms Projects and Presentations.  We took notes as a way to review for our -isms test on Monday

    2. Turned-in our -isms projects, notes and self-reflection on the rubric

    3. U3 Road to Civil War: Sectionalism Lecture (see google slides under "files")

    4. Community Building Activity - turned in our "Identity" writes from Thurs.

    5. Introduced Fall Research Paper:

    SS Fall Research 2018.doc

    Topic List: 19th Century Research Topics.docx


    1. Choose your research topic and question - write it on your paper. 

    Strongly recommended: Read a background article on your topic and write down key terms, people and dates.

    2. Study for -isms Test on Monday

    3. Reminder: Ch. 9 worksheet due on Tuesday

    • 12 Oct 2018
  • Thurs. Oct. 11th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Work time for -isms projects (due tomorrow)

    2. Identity Write in-class activity.

    2. U2 SS Test - Document Analysis

    3. Work time on Ch. 9 Road to War Worksheet (due Tuesday): 4786.The Road to the Civil War Ch.9.docx


    -isms Projects due tomorrow

    Study for -isms Test (20 questions) on Monday: U2 LA -isms Study Guide.docx

    Ch. 9 Worksheet due Tuesday

    • 11 Oct 2018
  • Tues. Oct. 9th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Work Period on -isms projects.  You should be done with steps 1-3. 

    2. U2 New Nation Socratic Seminar - great job sharing your analysis!

    We turned in our entrance ticket and reflection worksheet.

    SS: Study for U2 Document Analysis Test on Thursday (see study guide on agenda 10/02)

    • Hint: You will need to understand OPCVL to do well on this test 

    LA: Come prepared on Thursday to work on the -isms project during class time

    • 9 Oct 2018
  • Fri. Oct. 5th

    Today we worked on:

    1."Civil Disobedience" review, group work and in-class write. Turned in "Transcendentalism" packet

    2. Introduced U2 -isms Project: isms_Projects 2018.docx.  We chose partners and our texts.

    3. Socratic Seminar Entrance Ticket (front side due beginning of class Tuesday): U2 Socratic Seminar Entrance Ticket and Reflection.docx

    4. Viewing "The West: Episode 2 Empire on the Trails" - if you were absent, please see the link to the video and viewing guide below on agenda 10/04


    LA - Continue working on -isms project (due next Friday)

    SS - Prepare for Socratic Seminar by completing the Entrance Ticket (see above)

    • 5 Oct 2018
  • Thurs. Oct. 4th

    Today we worked on:

    1. Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience" analysis- took notes based on peers' analysis.

    2. Viewing first 20 min. of Ken Burn's "The West Episode 2: Empire on the trails."  If you were absent, please view the first 20 min. here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ATLnQbombI and fill out the first part of the viewing guide: 

    2. Work time on Andrew Jackson DBQ - complete the thesis-driven paragraph and submit document to turnitin.com


    LA - Complete the questions at the end of the Transcendentalism packet about "Civil Disobedience" (due tomorrow)

    SS - Submit Jackson DBQ to turnitin.com by 8am Friday.

    • 4 Oct 2018
  • Wed. Oct. 3rd

    Today we worked on:

    1. Finishing Native American Primary Source Analysis

    2. Beginning Jackson DBQ analysis

    Template for notes: 2570.Andrew Jackson DBQ Template.docx

    3. Analysis of Emerson's "nature"

    4. Assigned sections of Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience" to analyze


    Complete OPCVL analysis of 5 documents (due tomorrow)

    Complete step 1 for Thoreau excerpts - read through the whole document for overview (due tomorrow)

    • 3 Oct 2018