Mathematics Senior Seminar 2018

Welcome to Senior Seminar

Welcome to Senior Seminar!

Senior Math Seminar Course Expectations 2017 – 2018


This class is taught by a team of teachers. Questions pertaining to a specific Topic should be directed to the corresponding teacher. General course questions may be directed to Marisa Reinsch.


Schedule of Topics




Class Location

Teacher’s email

9/11 – 10/20

Discrete Math


Portable 1

10/30 – 11/27

Sets, Relations, Groups



12/4 – 1/19

Linear Algebra


Portable 2

1/22 – 3/9




3/12 – 4/27

HL Math Review


Portable 1


Learning Recommendations: B+ or higher in IB Math HL 1, IB Math HL 2, Calculus 1, or Calculus 2.


General Description: This course is for students in grade 12 who have completed or are currently enrolled in IB Math HL 2 or Calculus 2. Because of the abstract nature of the course, students should be highly motivated to learn math concepts beyond the typical high school curriculum. This seminar-style class will consist of an overview of a variety of advanced math topics. The course will meet once a week from September through April and may earn up to 0.5 credits.


Content: Topics will include

  • Linear Algebra
  • Statistics
  • Discrete Math
  • Sets, Relations, and Groups
  • HL Math exam preparation


Strategies: Students will learn through a combination of

  • Teacher directed instruction
  • Small group investigations
  • Individual exploration


Equipment to be provided by student: Graphing Calculator, graph paper, pencils, erasers, colored pens or pencils.


Grading: Final grades are truncated, not rounded.


90 – 100


80 – 89.99


70 – 79.99


60 – 69.99


0 – 59.99



Tests (80% of grade): A test is given at the end of each Topic.


Quizzes (20% of grade): Quizzes occur frequently and cover part of the current Topic.


Cheating/Plagiarism Policy: Cheating/plagiarism includes, but is not limited to, using a calculator on a no calculator part of a test or quiz, using a calculator in a manner not consistent with test directions, copying someone else’s work, putting your work in a position for another student to copy it, looking at another student’s test or quiz, having access to materials or notes that are not explicitly allowed, sharing information about a quiz or test with someone who has not taken it, and listening to information about a quiz or test that you have not taken.  You will receive a discipline referral and a score of zero on any work that involves cheating or plagiarism.


Attendance: Please do what you can to be at each class meeting.  Students with consistent absences, even if they are excused, can easily fall behind in this course. Students are expected to check the website when absent, email the teacher with any questions that the website does not answer, and make up all missed work.