Thursday, February 13, 2020


This morning we conducted a school-wide lockdown drill.  We don’t normally communicate about our monthly drills but in an effort to continue to grow in our emergency response practices, we are working on holding our drills at different times throughout the day and practicing different scenarios which allow students and staff to further reflect on our individual and collective responses in emergency situations.  Today’s drill was held during passing time which was a new experience for our students and staff.  This required students to think quickly about where to go and in some cases adult guidance was needed but considering this was a new experience, everyone handled it quite well.  It was impressive to see such a swift but also calm response from staff and students as everyone determined how to navigate this scenario.  One of our Sammamish Police Officers was on site for the drill and was very complimentary of the staff and our students.  We will continue to collaborate with district officials and first responders in other drills and scenarios that push us in our thinking and responses.

This is a great opportunity to follow up with your child about responding to emergency situations in the community as well.  You may even consider developing a family plan or talking about a predetermined family meeting location should there be an emergency at school or in the community.  School safety is a top priority and we improve our practices with each drill or situation we encounter.  Emergencies can occur at any time and it is important that we do our best to prepare for the unexpected.