Spelling Bee

Thursday, February 6

After School in the library

Come one, come all

Door Prizes!


ASB will be selling Kindness Grams starting next Wednesday, Feb 5-Feb 12 to help raise money for additional items that may need to be purchased to supplement our Give Drive.  Students can purchase a Kindness Gram for $1 during their lunch, which includes a Smencil (yummy smelling pencil made from recycled paper) for a friend (or themselves) at Beaver Lake, to be delivered on February 14th to the receiver’s BBT.  There is no limit to the number of Kindness Grams a student may purchase.

 If a student would like to send a Kindness Gram to a friend, but does not want to spend money, they may write a Kindness Gram for free (does not include Smencil) which will also be delivered on February 14th.


 Tukwila Elementary School is a sister school of Beaver Lake. Many of the students attending Tukwila Elementary do not have all the essential needs, such as food and clothes met.  ASB would like to make sure that families get some of what they need for winter this year by hosting a “Give Drive”.  We are looking for donations of WINTER HATS/BEANIES, GLOVES/MITTENS AND SOCKS that will be given directly to Tukwila students, while blankets, jackets and other winter wear (NEW OR GENTLY USED) items will be given to the school to distribute based on their needs.  

The GIVE DRIVE is our culminating project leading up to Kindness Week, which will celebrate the joy and importance of kindness, caring, and giving.  Starting January 29th, Beaver Lake students can bring in their donated items to be placed in the box in their BBT.  This is a competition so the top 3 classes with the most average points will win a Doughnut Party!!!!!

Hats/Beanies  20 points

Gloves/Mittens 20 points

Pair of Socks  15 points

Blankets/Scarves  10 points

Jackets/Sweater (new or gently used) 10 points

The more we donate, the more Tukwila Elementary students and families will get what they need!  Let’s show empathy and love by donating as much as we can, for kindness is the best policy! Have a great rest of your week and go Bulldogs!