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What is on this page?

On this page, you will find the unit PowerPoints, quizzes, Padlets, and other support for your learning. Resources are organized by unit, and then by learning target. 

Note: The PowerPoints include all slides from the unit, and can become very long. The slides are in order, oldest will be on top, and the newest information will be on the bottom. Each day begins with a title slide with the date. The day's slides include all of the following slides, up until the next day's title slide. To find the day quickly, click the magnifying glass, or "find" icon  and type the date you are looking for in the format "9/15." If that doesn't work, you can scroll until you find the right day. 

Need some help with readings?

  • Natural readers. This is a great tool in which you can convert any file to be text-to-speech. 
  • Rewordify This program is a free online program that helps with eliminating and replacing overly complex language. It's great if some of the words from a reading are too difficult to understand. 


Beginning of the year

Energy, Forces, and Motion

Whole Unit Materials

I can explain why objects change their motion (lessons 1-4)

I can explain the difference between kinetic and potential energy (lesson 5)

I can explain what happens to energy and forces when objects interact (lesson 6 and 7)

Electricity, Waves, and Information Transfer

Whole unit materials 

Materials specific to lessons

I can explain how energy transfers and transforms in electrical systems (lessons 1-4)

I can use models to describe the relationships in wave properties. (Lesson 5)

I can use models to describe what happens to waves when they interact with matter. (Lesson 6)

EWIT_study guide targets 2 and 3.docx

I can explain with is more reliable – analog or digital signals (Lesson 7)

Matter and its Interactions