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Catch Up Café


Catch Up Café is open Tuesdays and Thursdays during all lunches starting January 11, 2017. Students should get their lunch and bring it with them – along with their work and materials – to Catch Up Café in the office conference room.

Students with missing assignments may be referred to Catch Up Café for an opportunity to make up missing work for credit in their classes. This program is supervised by staff members and parent volunteers and students should be able to work independently to complete their work. If more direct support is needed, students are encouraged to connect with their teachers and/or attend the appropriate after school homework support group for Language Arts/Social Studies, Math or Science. As space permits, students are welcome to stop by Catch Up Café on a drop-in basis for a quiet space to complete work for class.


CSR - Collaborative Strategic Reading 

CSR Plan

CSR Learning Log

[The following is excerpted with permission from Klingner, Janette, Sharon Vaughn, Joseph Dimino, Jeanne Schumm, and Diane Bryant. Collaborative Strategic Reading: Strategies for Improved Comprehension. Longmont: Sopris West, 2001.]

Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR) combines the essential reading comprehension strategies that have been demonstrated to be effective in improving students' understanding of text with cooperative learning groups or paired learning. CSR takes advantage of the growing knowledge among educators that youngsters need to be taught specific strategies to enhance their understanding of a text but should not be overwhelmed with so many strategies that they are unable to decide which ones to use (Klingler et al., 2).

The four reading strategies taught within CSR are: Preview, Click and Clunk, Get the Gist, and Wrap Up. For more information on how CSR is implemented, click here.