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Most Valuable Panther – Habits of Mind Celebration Date

Theme for the Month






Questioning and posing problems

How do you know? A person who poses questions; he/she knows what information is needed and develops questioning strategies to produce that information.







Thinking about your thinking! A person who is aware of and reflects on his/her own thoughts, feelings and actions.






Managing impulsivity

Take your time! A person who thinks before acting; remains calm and thoughtful.






Applying past knowledge to new situations

Use what you learn!  Accessing prior knowledge; transferring knowledge beyond the situation in which it was learned.






Listening with understanding and empathy

Understanding others! A person who gives his/her attention and energy to another person’s thoughts or ideas; makes an effort to understand another’s point of view and emotions.






Thinking and communicating with clarity

Be clear! Striving to communicate accurately in both written and oral form.






Thinking interdependently

Work together! A person who is able to work with and learn from others; works well with teams.






Thinking flexibly

Look at it another way! A person who is able to change perspectives, develop creative and original alternatives and consider different options when solving a problem.







Sticking to it! A person who sticks with a task until it is finished; remains focused; looks for ways to reach the goal when stuck; doesn’t give up.