Digital Photography Class 2018-2019

If you are looking for Social Studies information, please scroll to bottom of this Site.  Social Studies online book information (access) directions on middle of this Site.  Social Studies assignments can also be accessed on "History Calendar" (top).

Updated: Friday, June 14, 2019.  For Social Studies information, please scroll down below.

  • Students are wrapping their final projects in class the last 2 weeks of school.
  • Thank you all Digital Photography students for a great school year!
  • If any students have any questions for Mr. An before school is out, just ask!  Thank you.

By request from students)/all other information below from before today: PowerPoint photo samples presentation-

Digital photography April 2, 2019.pptx

  •   Trimester 3 students periods 3, 4, 5; continue reporting to Computer Lab 125.  Syllabus here: Trimester 3 Syllabus.docx
  • There is also a $15 fee (information below).  You will not need a flashdrive as we use Office 365 but you may bring one.  Please leave personal cameras at home to prevent theft, loss, or potential of destruction of camera.  Your class fee includes use of school issued digital cameras (and other).  Thanks!        

Schedule (Subject to Change):

  • Required: Class Fee of $15 can be paid either online or to Ms. Niblock (MMS Book Keeper) before, after school, or during lunch or by clicking on link below (Online Pay):
  • Class Basics: Intro to photography, PhotoStory Project (same as was in Film Making), PhotoShop experience.
  • List of what we do each week; schedule (subject to change) is located in syllabus.
  • Citizenship a must!  Part of the class experience is having the freedom to take pictures on the school campus.  In doing so, all students must have their ISD issued cameras out as your hall pass and be on their "best" behavior for student safety and as not to disrupt your class.
  • Remember, your experience in class is dependent on your attitude, participation, and work ethic!
  • Students will be graded at the end of each week.  Grades will be updated on Skyward.  There will be 2 projects graded before the end of the trimester in addition to your weekly participation points.
  • Students, please do not bring your home cameras for use in this class.  Maywood and Mr. An are not responsible for damage of personal (family) cameras.  While we encourage responsible use of cameras (equipment), damaged items can be more easily replaced if this is the case when using school issued cameras, etc.
  • E-mail:

Digital Photography Syllabus:

Digital Photography Syllabus.docx

 As noted above, $15 fee for the class to be paid online or to book keeper (Ms. Niblock).

Contact Information

Mr. David An

(425) 837-6928

2018-2019 An Social Studies Syllabus.docx

2018-2019 Syllabus: Due (signed by parent/guardian and returned by student to Mr. An) by September 7 (10 points)

The Maywood Way-Classroom Expectations

David An-The Maywood Way Classroom Expecations.docx

 Online Student Textbook login:

  • There are 2 ways you can log-in to access the online textbook.  Do Option "A" or "B" but not both.  If you do Option "A," do not change your password, use the one that School District created for you.  If you change your password to something else, you will not be able to access your account (you still need to select "create"):

Option A (most students prefer):

  1. Set up your account in TCI (the green textbook we will use for US History).
    1. Go to
    2. Click on the purple “student sign in” button on the top right.
    3. This will take you to a page where you will enter your login information.
  • For teacher email, use:
  • Use YOUR MMS user name + isd Example: redmcarisd
  • Your password: your 7 digit student # + ISD Example: 1234567ISD
  • Click on “create account”
  • This will take you to another page where you will re-enter this information. Make sure you sign up for the correct class period. Once your account is set up, write your log-in and password in your planner ON YOUR BIRTHDAY. (This way, only you know where to find it!)

Important to Note:

  1. If you have installed the Chrome extension for ClassLink but now wish to go directly through TCI, you must delete the extension from your computer.
  1. All ASB/Other ID #’s must be 7 digits. If yours is 6, add a 0 to the beginning

        3. Do not change your username or password. Each night TCI syncs with Skyward and reverts back to your username   +isd and student ID + ISD      

Option B (using Classlink):

Pearson online curriculum materials for your class will be through ClassLink – There should be a ClassLink short cut on the desktop of school computers. ClassLink is a Launchpad for students to access online district curriculum and tools. For most applications ClassLink serves as a password locker, once you enter your username and password for Pearson, ClassLink will remember it the next time you log in.

 *All students have done step above and have logged on to ClassLink on a Maywood computer and should be able to access their online textbook at home now.

YOU MUST USE a CURRENT BROWSER!! Check your browser at:

Unable to logon to your 8th grade social studies online textbook?

Here are some instructions to trouble-shoot:

Student Instructions for TCI through ClassLink

Step 1: Go to (please note you have to capitalize ISD)


Step 2: Log onto ClassLink with your school computer/network username. The first 4 letters of your last name, first 3 letters of your first name, and your two-digit graduation year. Example: SmitJoe18 – if there is another student in the district with the same letters in the first part of their first and last name and same graduation year, there may be an additional number after the graduation year.

Your password is the same as your regular network password. This is what you use when you log onto the computer at school.


Step 3: Click on the TCI-Students icon. You should see the text books for the classes that you have that use McGraw books.

Classes that use TCI include:

(Social Studies 6, Social Studies 7), U.S. History and Civics.

NOTE: Depending on the browser you are using; you may be asked to install an extension. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the extension. Once installed you will not be asked to install it again on that computer.


Information to troubleshoot can be found at:

Upcoming Events
No events occur after 18 Jul 2019.
8th Grade Class Textbook

This is the textbook we use for 8th grade social studies.  If you are having trouble logging on, there are directions (above) underneath The Maywood Way-Classroom Expectations:

This is simply to show what the textbook looks like.  You cannot access the online textbook by clicking on the picture.  Students, use the instructions above to access your online textbook.  An account has been set up for you.  You will need to follow the instructions (above) to log in and access the online textbook.


8th Grade Social Studies Assignments and Tests

Monday, June 17, 2019 

This is likely the final post on this Site.  New today (last thing most likely to be posted) are the directions for the Final Project:  Final Project in An.docx

Basics for Project:

(A) all work intended to be done in class, no more assessments

(B) students get choice for topic pertaining to U.S. History and how they want finalize project (research paper, PowerPoint, poster etc.)

(C) computer carts will be provided in class 

more information below...

Posted last week:

Final Project is coming (Students will get a Rubric and information will be posted on this Site this Monday, June 17):

Final Project in An’s Class for Social Studies

Explanation: Instead of doing packets and watching more social studies videos to end the year, you as the student(s) get to choose what you want to study for U.S. History.  This is a solo (alone) project so you will not be working with a partner. 

Step 1: Choose a topic or genre (must be mentioned in the textbook but you do not need to use the textbook as a primary source).

Step 2: You must cite where you got information (Bibliography page will work).

Step 3: Points-worth 50 points (as an Assignment grade, not Assessment)

Step 4: When is it due (?)-the last day when you are in school.  For most of you this will be June 27.

Step 5: What can I do (choice): Poster, research paper, combination, PowerPoint

Step 6: Is this homework (?).  No, all work should be done in class.  You are graded on your productivity (being on-task each day), and turning in your final project.

Step 7: Will we have computers in class to use on this project?  Yes.

Step 8: Is there a length or set number of slides or pages?  No, you work each day at school.  Do not take this home (no extra credit for doing work at home).

Step 9: Next steps-Fill out the next page twice.  One half sheet for you.  The other half is to be given to Mr. An so he has record of what you are doing.

 *Step 9 above will be on this Site this Monday, and given to students on Monday in class too.

Older information:

Ch. 23 Packet due on June 17 (last workday in class for packet was today on Friday): U.S. History Ch. 23 Packet.pdf

Past items (Purposely left on here in case students have not turned these in yet):

Historical Figures Project-Students choose either a research paper or can do a PowerPoint (due tomorrow on June 11). Historical Figures Research Paper #2.docx

8th grade celebration (field trip) information via this PowerPoint as presented during Charger Time:

8th grade celebration 2019.pptx


U.S. History Ch. 22 Packet.pdf

Lesson Plans Subject to Change (until June 14):

Chapter 22: Civil War, page 422 (tested chapter)/Packet

Chapter 23: The Reconstruction Era, page 444 (tested chapter)/Packet

·         Mon, 6/10: Historical Figures day #3 which is likely last class workday (due tomorrow!)

Receiving Ch. 23 Packet today (packet will be due after test).  Packet due on Monday, June 17.

·         Tues, 6/11: Continue Ken Burn's Civil War.  Historical Figures due end of period.

·         Wed, 6/12: Half period (Ken Burns)/Other Half for Test Prep Day (student notecards)

·        Thurs, 6/13: Test

·         Fri, 6/14: Ch. 23 Packet: last workday in class.

  • Monday 6/17: Ch. 23 Packet Due!


Students/Parents can e-mail Mr. An (if needed) at:   if there are ever any questions or comments.  Thank you!

Mr. An has decided to put together basic information below as to what we will be doing in class.  If you are absent or need the lesson plan done on a particular day, please e-mail Mr. An directly at: and you should receive a response back in less than 48 hours (most of the time 24 hours).


Test Dates-Test are Written and worth 70% of student's grades:

All tests are complete. Currently being graded before end of school year.


Other areas of study we will be doing this school year

(standard for all 8th grade U.S. History classes) not

necessarily in order):

  • American Indians (the first Americans)-Completed
  • European Exploration-Completed
  • Revolutionary War
  • Introduction to the first setup of American Government
  • Constitution (Bill of Rights, 3 branches of Government)
  • Westward Expansion
  • Mexicano Contributions to the Southwest
  • Slavery
  • Civil War
  • In addition; we work on Writing!  Namely, an 8-10 sentence PowerParagraph (more information later...).  8th grade students should have the ability not only to write, but to provide analysis, explanation, and insight into what they are writing about.
  • We will be doing a "Classroom Based Assessment" that is a requirement for all 8th graders.
  •  We have 2 tests per Trimester.  
  • Tests are worth 70% of a student's grade.  Assignments are worth 30% of a student's grade.  There are re-take opportunities for students on tests.  Test study guides will be provided to students in class (paper) and on this site at least several weeks before a test.

Reminder: Please check the "History Calendar" for due dates-student work attachments such as packets can also be found by clicking the attachment for that date(s).  You may also find attachments in this spot as well.

*If there is a packet (late work or Absent) that you cannot find on this Site and need.  Please e-mail Mr. An at and tell me which packet you need and I will e-mail it to you.  (Example: you need the Ch. 2 packet which you did not turn in and still want to do it and receive partial credit).  Mr. An will take late work up to one week before the Trimester ends for partial credit if it is late for Trimester 1 assignments.




8th Grade Social Studies Syllabus and Parent Video Letter

(Updated August 31, 2018

  to access Syllabus:

2018-2019 An Social Studies Syllabus.docx

Copy of Video Letter to Parents/Guardians that due on September 12. Attachment:

Parent Video Letter.docx

You can access assignments starting with Packet #1 by clicking on Assignments in Ascending (Not Descending) Order.  All assignments, quizzes, and tests from last year have been purposely left on this Site for accessibility for you.  Please check this Site regularly to see what is due.  Answer Keys will not be provided on this Site: it is up to the student(s) to find the answers.