Maywood Middle School's Visual Arts department
Welcome to Art!

Welcome to the Maywood Art Room! I will post updates on weekly assignments and projects as well as due dates here. See below for what's happening at local museums, our class calendar, and vocabulary quiz review.

Please, pay your $5 or $10 art fee as soon as possible! 

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What we're up to this week...

What we're up to... June 17-21 - ALL WORK DUE ON WEDNESDAY JUNE 19

Welcome to third trimester art! Students need to return their syllabus and NB signature pages ASAP! They are due on Wednesday, April 3 for ALL classes! 

Exploratory Art - 

All work due on Wednesday

Portfolios on Thursday

If you're leaving before the last day, TAKE YOUR WORK HOME ASAP

Drawing and Painting

We're working either solo or in pairs to create book cover paintings for the library! We'll use grids to complete the paintings

Paintings are the ONE exception to the due date: These are DUE on Friday, June 21

Sculpture - 

Our final project will be an investigation into architecture. We will replicate or synthesize famous buildings, building styles, or architects in cardboard! Attention to detail will be important! 

Fill out rubrics and turn your work in! 

Quiz Review

Review for Vocabulary Quizzes:

Sculpture (periods 5 &6)

  • Blueprint: a scaled design of a building or other technical drawing used as a guide for making something.
  • Façade: the face of a building, especially the principal front that looks onto a street or open space.
  • Colonnade: a row of columns supporting a roof
  • Frieze: a broad horizontal band of sculpted or painted decoration, especially on a wall near the ceiling.
  • Post and Lintel: A building system where strong horizontal elements are held up by strong vertical elements with large spaces between them (think: doorway)
  • Arches: a curved structure spanning an opening supporting the weight above it.
  • Keystone: The stone atop an archway, which allows it to support weight




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