Issaquah Connect Staff FAQ

Do I have to use Connect?

No, there is no requirement that any staff member build or maintain a group on Connect; however, your individual job responsibilities may require that you access information or groups on Connect. According to the current contract, all certificated employees must have a professional, up-to-date web presence by September 1, 2012. While Connect is the only web-hosting option provided by and supported by the Issaquah School District, certificated employees may use any web-hosting platform they wish (such as Google Sites, WordPress, or Weebly) to fulfill the contract language. More information about this required web presence—including compensation and items that must be included on the group—is in the current contract under “Web presence expectations for Certificate staff” (p. 21).

How can I get a Connect group?

All employees automatically have an account on Connect, and you can start building your group(s) by attending a District training session. Register for a scheduled Connect training, gather a group of 12 or more at your worksite to organize a new Connect training, or contact us for more options.

Can I get help setting up my new Connect group?

Yes, you have three options:

  1. Check out the blog, forums, and files on the Connect Help group (it won't be visible unless you are already signed into Connect); if you don’t find what you need, submit a question via one of the forums.
  2. Talk to your on-site School Webmaster at your school (your principal can let you know who your School Webmaster is).
  3. If you cannot get the help you need from your building support staff, please contact us.

I want a place for my students to interact or post content on Connect. How do I get started?

First and foremost, you will need to create a new sub-group for your students. Your new group must use the Private (Listed) privacy settings. You may change the privacy settings at any time with this simple procedure:

  1. From your group's homepage, hover over the pencil in the top-left corner to open the Management panel.
  2. Under Group Security, select Private (Listed) if it is not already selected.
  3. Click the Save button and wait for the confirmation.
  4. Close the Management panel.

The group is "Private" because, just like in your classroom, students’ academic interactions should not be on display for the public. The group is "Listed" so that any public user will see that the group exists in Connect’s navigation menu; just like with all your interactions with students, your supervisor and families need to be aware that the conversation is taking place.

Once you have established your group as Private (Listed), refer your students to the Connect homepage for instructions on how to access their Connect accounts. Then you will be able to have your students request membership OR you may add them yourself:

  1. From your group's homepage, click the Members link in the group banner.
  2. In the sidebar, select Add.
  3. Type in and select the Skyward username of a student in the search box. You may add more than one student to the list if you are adding several students. 
    1. We created roles for all of the students at each school that may be used to grant all students access to your group. Simply type "Students at" followed by the name of your school (e.g., "Students at Apollo"). 
  4. Set the Membership Type to Member.
  5. Click the Add button at the top to add the user or role membership to your group.

Do parent and student have Connect user accounts?

Yes! Connect accounts are automatically generated for all non-FERPA students as well as staff and parents with a unique email address in the Skyward record system.

  • Student usernames are the same as Student Access usernames; passwords match each student's seven-digit student ID number.
  • Parent usernames match their Family Access usernames, but Connect passwords do not. Parents must reset their Connect passwords via email before signing in to Connect.

Please refer to the student and parent information pages for more information and detailed instructions.