Student Connect accounts

The vast majority of sites and information that you want to access on Connect—including classroom calendar and syllabus pages—are public and do not require an account. Use the search function or menu bars above to get started finding specific teachers or other information.

Your teachers may also choose to extend their classrooms and create interactive areas where you can ask questions, collaborate on projects, and contribute knowledge. Just like your physical classroom, these Connect spaces are not open to the general public. You will need to sign in with your Connect account to request membership or be invited to these non-public areas.

How do I get a student Connect account?

Connect student accounts are automatically created for students meeting these requirements:

  • Students with a unique, valid email address listed in Student Access may choose their own Connect password and will receive email notifications from Connect sites that they join.
  • Students that do not have an email address in Student Access must use their Student ID as their password and will not receive any email notifications from Connect. If you wish to control your password or receive email notifications, you must update your Student Access records with a unique, valid email address.

Signing in to Connect

When signing in to Connect, you will use the following information as your username and password:

  • Username: your Student Access or Skyward username (e.g., MooMic99)
  • Password: your seven-digit Student ASB number (e.g., 0012345)

Having trouble signing in?

If you have further questions or need assistance, please send an email to