Issaquah School District Vision Statement

Our vision for Positive Behavior Social Emotional Support (PBSES) is to promote respect, positive relationships, and predictable, proactive learning environments so that students can lead socially and emotionally safe and healthy lives. 

Essential New Learnings for April 20 and Beyond

Making Connections During School Closure:

Some of us are at Step 1 and 2 while others are venturing to Step 3: Connection. Read more here about Addressing Maslows Hierarchy of Needs During A Pandemic/ 

Ideas for making those important social connections:

How to Help Kids Connect with Friends During Social Distancing

Messaging Apps: (used with adult supervision): Zoom, Facebook Messenger Kids, Marco Polo, Skype.

Netflix Party: Allows users to watch the same video at the same time and chat

Online Card GamesPlay games with friends online. You create a room and invite friends to join. Play any game with a 52 card deck or choose from checkers, GoFish, match-up, or Crazy Eights.


The Rocket Way can be shown at home during distance learning, just like it is at school! See below for how to show the Rocket Way at Home.