Reading at Home


Each night your child should bring home a book bag.  Inside the bag is a copy of the book he/she has already read in Explorers Club.  Please have your child read the book to you three times (depending on the length of the book) and then ask your child to retell the story to you. You can ask other questions, too.   "Was that a good title for the book? How did the main character change from the beginning to the end of the story?  What did you learn from this book?"  After you have talked about the book, please sign the notecard that is in the front pocket of the book bag.  Your signature lets me know you read with your child.  After your child has collected five signatures for five nights of reading, he/she can choose a prize from the prize box.


Please help me grow your child into a strong reader by reading with your child every night.  I appreciate your support.