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Todd Johnson

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Health & Fitness Expectations

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*To give my best effort every class

*To respect everyone & everything

*To be prepared to learn

*To be safe

Note to Parents

Being a Physical Education teacher I get to teach 80% of the Apollo students, 2nd grade through 5th grade. That being said, it is very difficult to make positive contact with all families on how their student is doing in my class. What I want you to know is, if I am not contacting you, your child is doing a great job in my class!

Proper shoes

Please help your child be successful in my classroom by wearing proper shoes. Proper shoes have rubber soles and laces (best) or slip-ons. Also, my students wear pedometers to see how active they have been. To wear the pedometers accurately they need to be able to slide it over a waist band. I know that students like to wear dresses to my class so if they could wear stretch pants under the dress they are able to still wear the pedometer correctly.