Upcoming Events:

  • Jan. 17 - Popcorn Friday
  • Jan. 20 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day - No School
  • Jan. 24 - Magic All Around Us Variety Show
  • Jan. 27 - Teacher Work Day - No School for Students
  • Jan. 30 - 1st Grade Concert - 6:30pm


Next Star Students:

  • Jan. 13 -  Damien
  • Jan. 21 - Britney

Other Notes:

  •  Volunteer Calendar - With the ISD internet issues and the forecast of snow, our volunteer calendar will be delayed for a few weeks.


  • Visualizing -  Visualizing means creating a picture or movie in our  minds of the story. For example, if the book says, "It was a beautiful day at the beach," we might imagine a sunny day with calm water and people relaxing and playing in the sand. This is a great skill to use as more and more students begin exploring chapter books. 
  •  R Blends - When two or more consonants are together in a word, their sounds often blend together (like the "bl" in blend). So far, we've been focusing on "r" blends such as gr, cr, tr, pr, and more!


  • Informational All About Books - We started our new unit by reading
  • Experts - The 1st graders brainstormed topics they are expert on (know 5 or more facts) and added their ideas to their writing folders!
  • Teaching Voice - We also practiced writing using a teacher voice. All About Books sound different than the narrative books we wrote in the past. Instead of writing, "I wear gloves in the snow," an informational book would say, "You need gloves to wear in the snow."


  • Adding 3 Numbers - e.g. 3 + 4 +6 = ? We practiced many strategies including drawing pictures and looking for ways to make ten (e.g. 6 + 4 = 10, 10 + 3 = 13)
  • Making a 10 to Add Nine - The class also practiced manipulating addends to make equations easier to solve. This week we practiced adding to nine by making groups of ten. For example when adding 9 + 6, we can really think of the problem as 10 + 5. This aids mental math fluency for students with a firm understanding of the partners to 10.


  • Lowercase g, u, and i

​​About Weekly Updates:

Based on feedback from parents over the years, I’ve retired the tradition of the “cute” PDF bi-weekly/monthly newsletters in favor of much less “cute” weekly updates. In order to get these updates out quickly and often, please forgive the boring format, brief bullet points, and occasional typos. I promise I do proofread  them, but my Friday afternoon brain will definitely miss things. These updates are be emailed, posted on our class website, and posted to Class Dojo. If at any point you would like to add or remove an email from this list, please let me know!