3rd Grade Homework

Homework Policy

The purposes of homework in my classroom include: developing study habits and time management, fostering positive attitudes toward school, and fostering the mentality in students that learning takes work, both at school and at home. The recommended amount of homework per night in 3rd grade is 30 minutes; [10 minutes x Grade Level].

Students will receive homework and be responsible to write assignments in their homework log on a daily basis, Monday through Thursday. It is a great way to re-enforce skills as well as keep you updated on what we are learning in class. Unless otherwise communicated, students will receive Reading Comprehension and Math on a daily basis and Spelling twice per week. I also encourage students to read at least 20 minutes per day. Please only do the sheet(s) assigned for that night.

I ask that parents understand the purpose of homework and support my policy by:

  • Establishing a consistent schedule and place for your child to complete homework.
  • Encourage and prompt your child, however do not do the homework for your child. Research suggests that student learning is neutrally or sometimes negatively affected when parents complete their child’s homework.
  • Generally speaking, at this grade level, you should expect your student to spend ~30 minutes per night on homework.
  • When bedtime comes, please stop your child, even if he/she is not done with the homework assignment.

K-5 Homework Guidelines for Parents

If your child regularly requires a great deal more time to complete assignments, please do not hesitate to contact me. If your child does not have homework or finishes early, it is always a good idea to spend time reading or reviewing math facts. 

Our Class Promises

Be Responsible. Be Cooperative. Be Safe. Be Kind to Others. Be Polite and Respectful.