Preparing All Students to Launch!


The 2019 Holiday season is here and the downtown Bellevue Barnes & Noble is sponsoring a Holiday Book Drive for a local school or library.  This year Apollo Elementary School was chosen as the recipient!

What is a Holiday Book Drive?  It is awesome!  Our school will be the recipient of books (lots of books!) or items purchased by customers in the store during the holiday season.   The book drive runs for two whole months, until January 1st.  Please stop by the downtown Bellevue Barnes & Noble this holiday season to check it out!

Also, Scholastic Book Fair Week is December 9th - 13th!  Check the Apollo PTA website for more information.  

Apollo Library Schedule of Classes



4th – S. Wall

1st – Naab

5th – Brennen


K - Faddis

3rd - Stanfill

2nd - Johnson

2nd - Carr


4th – Smith

4th – Whiteley

5th – Batterman

3rd – Henry

K - Mitchell

2nd - Louser

2nd - Sherrid


1st - Butler

1st - Bankson

5th – Woodbury

K - Mentzer


4th – Reuland

5th – Ferranti

K - Kazemi

3rd – Sreibers

3rd - White / Buono

2nd - Morgan


1st - R. Wall

4th – Wolfe

5th – Fernandez

K - Taylor

3rd - Corbett

3rd - Sween

2nd - Stuard

Apollo Calendar