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Play Fun Library-Related GAMES Here!

Website Links

Digital Citizenship Games - Click here to play Password Protect, Twalkers, Share Jumper, E-volve, Search Shark, and Mix-n-Mash on the Common Sense media website.

Dewey Shelver Game - Practice shelving books in order using the Dewey Decimal System!

Dewey Order in the Library Game - Three different games to practice shelving library books using the Dewey Decimal System.

Online Safety Quiz - Show that you know how to be a safe Internet user.  

Order Me Around - Help Captain Fredo put words in alphabetical order.  

Parts of a Book BATTLESHIP - Play the computer in a game of Battleship. When you make a hit on an enemy ship, you must answer a multiple choice question before scoring it.

Ready Reference - How well do you know your reference sources?  Test your knowledge and go from rags to riches!