Beaver Lake Middle School

What does the School Counselor do?

  1. Consult with individual students to support academic achievement and personal well-being
  2. Work with administrators and classroom teachers to develop strategies for at-risk students
  3. Talk with all students about our zero-tolerance harassment policy and the importance of creating a safe and welcoming school climate
  4. Assist 8th grade students in making a successful transition to high school
  5. Assist 5th grade students and parents in the transition to BLMS
  6. Provide an opportunity for students to talk through their concerns and help resolve issues with teachers, peers and family members
  7. Support students and their families during times of crisis
  8. Provide students and their families with school and community resource information and referrals
  9. Teach personal, social and life planning skills to classroom groups
  10. Do frequent grade check-ins to assure student is achieving at their highest level 
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How to decrease it... 

Taking exams can cause anxiety for many students. The best way to deal with this anxiety is to be well prepared and put the exam in perspective. Use the following tips to help manage your test anxiety:

  • Preparing for a test does not mean just studying the material, it also includes learning about the format the test so you are comfortable with it on exam day.


  • Treat the test as you treated your homework. If you felt confident doing the homework and got the answers correct, remind yourself you can do the same on the exam.


  • Do not put too much pressure on the test. You have the opportunity to show your knowledge in other ways, such as HW, labs, and projects.


  • Don't cram for the test the night before! Spread out your study time, and be sure to review things you have already studied.  

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2017-18 Counseling Calendar of Events

December 4th: Tri 2

December 17th: Counselors in 8th grade Health classroom, discussion on suicide intervention

January 29th: Mid Tri 2

March 20th: Tri 3

May 7th: Mid Tri 3