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Class Expectations/Rules: Established by Mr. Barone and students on 9/3/16

1. Be prepared and responsible

2. Be respectful

3. No talking when another person is talking.

4. Don't be too hard on yourself. (Mistakes happen. Learn from it and move on.)

5. Don't waste time. Stay focused. Pay attention!

6. Try your hardest. 

7. Respect everyone's property and personal space

8. Try and stay organized. 

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Gary Barone


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Welcome Apollo 5th graders! 

   Hello! This is a page for students and parents to use as a resource. If you are looking for up-to-date homework information, I encourage you to sign up for Remind. Our class has daily homework texted out to your cellphone or desktop. For further instructions, you can download the Remind pdf under files.

    You can find documents and websites to help learn more about what is going on in the classroom. To contact Mr. Barone, please see the information above.  

Some sites to keep in mind for our future:

1. For typing practice, you should check out:

This will allow you to keep track of your typing practice. 

2. To learn more about coding, you can try or

Make sure you use an email and easy password you can remember! That will allow you to save the progress you might make in your course. 

3. Fridays, we will use This site will allow students to view links and  videos that help support learning in the classroom. Students will also be able to ask questions of other students or their teacher. Sometimes, there will be a discussion question to respond to. 

4. is a great app to download and use. If you add our class, you will receive a daily homework update and other important dates. You can also use the chat feature to send Mr. Barone a short message. 

Brainpop Movies/Games
    Welcome to 5th grade!