Most recent news during Covid school closure

Week 2 Fifth Grade Resources were sent out to families via email on 3/30/20.

Students may continue sending me letters via Office 365 or video messages.  If you have another way to get those messages to me, feel free.  I have loved that so many of you have reached out in this way.  I love hearing from the students and getting to respond back.

Be sure to keep checking Seesaw as well. There is a link on this page if needed.

Thank you!

Mrs. Kollasch

About Mrs. Kollasch

I love being part of the Briarwood community. This is my third year at Briarwood and my 21st year of teaching.

I truly love my job. I have taught all elementary grades, with the majority being in the upper grades. I also love teaching adults in professional trainings. I would love to work in a university someday, but I can’t seem to pull myself away from the younger students just yet. I love their enthusiasm.

I think 5th graders are at an exciting time in their lives. They are beginning to figure out their independence and recognition of their impact on the world ahead of them. I love being part of that journey.

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