First Grade At-Home Learning Guidelines: 

Please use this list of resources as a checklist for daily (Monday-Friday) learning guidelines. Check our class Seesaw account for additional updates and extra activities! 


Log on to – your child knows how to type in their own password (do not do it for them) and click on Mrs. Gunderson.

  • 20 minutes of iReady every day
  • Then choice for 10-20 minutes:
    • Zearn or Happy Numbers
    • Math from folder
    • Math games you know or have
    • Number of the day (see Seesaw for numbers)


  • 20 minutes of independent reading
  • Then choice:
    • Reading with someone
    • Storyline Online – found in is a popular reading program. This should not be used as their independent reading time.
    • Raz Kids – found in and has books at each student’s independent level (recently updated). This should not be used as their independent reading time.

Sight Words or Phonics:

  • 10-15 minutes per day

Sight words - Look in our classroom files (top of page) for sight word lists. Please email me for which list your child is working on! 

Snap Words - We have been talking about “snap” word we know – words we know in a snap! They can look at a pages in their books and make a list of all the snap words they know! We just started this, so they know what to do.

PhonicsSeesaw will show which weekly strategy we are working on. Included in your child's white folder is a packet of fun phonics activities you can also pick from to work on. 

Write the room - A class favorite! - Write words on index cards or small pieces of paper. Tape them around the house. Kids find the words and write them on a recording sheet. Words can be themed to spring, pets, sports, colors, people...anything! 


First Grade Writing Expectations 

15-20 minutes per day - If I were you, I would help get them started with an idea, then set a timer for 15 minutes to work independently. Then they can share with you! If they finish one during their independent work time they can start another! They are used to this routine in our class and should be automatic for them. They also need time to share with someone every day or every other day! Sharing and positive/encouraging feedback is so important! 

  • Sound out words. 
  • Capitals at the beginning, punctuation at the end (.!?)
  • Finger spaces between all words
  • You can use any type of paper or notebook
  • Illustrations are important - encourage details!

Weekend NewsWhat did you do over the weekend? Who did you see? What did you do? Did you eat anything fun or special? 

Opinion Writing: They need to use the words “I think _______ is the best because ________.” Or “My favorite __________ is because ________.” They should be able to write 2 reasons why they like or dislike something. 

What's Up Wednesday: Free write! If I were to ask you, "Hi! What's up??" What would you tell me? Write about something you like, something you wish for, special place, imaginary friends, games, how to play a game....anything! 


It's my goal to post an art project or craft every week on Seesaw. Please encourage painting, coloring, any form of creating multiple times a week! 

Extra activities:

Check out Seesaw for ideas I post! 

If you google anything with the words “first grade” you will get thousands of extra activity ideas. Science, word work, puzzles, cut and paste ideas, and more! Any kind of card game you can teach them is perfect as well. Playing outside is also an excellent use of time to have fun and get fresh air. These kiddos need as much as they can get!