Welcome to Fourth Grade!

Spring in P8

Math: We are currently on Module 5 which focuses on fractions. Students will learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions. They will also be learning fraction equivalence and fraction conversions. Parent toolkits and resources for this unit can be found under the ‘Math’ tab.  

Writing: We completed our opinion and persuasive writing unit by publishing our persuasive letters and mailed them out to their recipients! Be sure to ask your fourth grader about their work and be on the lookout for a copy coming home.

Our next writing unit is an informational-history. Students will begin studying a historical event of Washington State and publish an informational book. During reading, students will be reading texts about their chosen topic and taking notes to use during our writing block.

Reading: In addition to reading and taking notes for our writing topics, students will be working in groups of 4-6 to create norms and expectations for a book club. As a class we read ‘The One and Only Ivan,’ and met once a week as a book club. Students will be responsible for selecting a ‘good-fit’ book, assigning reading pages, setting meeting dates, and assigning group jobs/roles.
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Science: Our current science unit is about Earth’s changing surfaces. We will be conducting hands-on experiments to learn about the slow and fast changes our Earth experiences. If you are able to help with prepping, monitoring and cleaning up some of these experiments, please let me know!