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Counseling & PBSES Spotlight

Counseling & PBSES Spotlight

Counseling & PBSES Spotlight

This week, Mrs. Wallace and Ms. Mykela are focusing on something they both love - Calm down corners! Many of our Challenger classrooms have these for kids to use whenever they are having a big feeling and could use a place to be still and reset so they can return to their learning. As we are all experiencing a lot of emotions right now, this could be a great (and relatively easy!) addition to your home. Check out the below activity ideas, discussion questions (talk as a family at a designated time, talk with a friend, a pet, or write your thoughts down), and additional resources for this topic.

Activity: The best part about making a calm down corner is that there really is not wrong way to do it! Depending on your space and family, some decide to make this a semi-permanent corner in a bedroom or common space but it could also be in a box or kit that could be moved from home to home or place to place. Some things we love to include in our calm down corners are: comfy pillows, blankets, or stuffies; books; drawing and writing materials; stress balls; play doh; fidget toys; calming scenery pictures or drawings; ideas of feelings words to help us identify how we are feeling; a list of positive affirmations/positive self-talk; a template of an “I-Message” to help us express how we are feeling and what we need (I feel ______ when _______ because _______. I would like ____________.)

Discussion question: What calm down strategies work best for you? It is great to model this for your kids by sharing what helps you to calm down and showing them these strategies in action! If you and/or your kiddo are unsure where to start, check out these Calm Down Strategy Ideas and start trying some out to see which ones are good fits for you!

Further reading and enjoyment for kids: Want to make something fun that could be a great addition to your calm down corner? How about a calm down strategy fortune teller! Check out this YouTube tutorial to make your own with a piece of paper and any writing utensils or colors you have at home. On the very inside flaps, write down a different calm down strategy you like to use on each of the eight sections. Now, you can use the fortune teller to help you pick a calm down strategy to try when you need it, instead of having to think one up when you are having a big feeling! We all know it is harder to think of these things “in the moment.”

Article for caregivers: How To Create A Calm Down Corner At Home