Hi Families :)

Throughout the month of January, we have been working on mindfulness.  "The purpose of teaching mindfulness to our children is to give them skills to develop their awareness of their inner and outer experiences, to recognize their thoughts, to understand how emotions manifest in their bodies, to recognize when their attention has wandered, and to provide tools for impulse control." (quoted from an article on the Huffington Post for Parents).

Although we are not actually practicing yoga in the classroom, we are taking some time to work on calming our bodies (particularly after coming in from recess), having an awareness of ourselves and others, practicing self-control and taking our time to complete our best work.  These are behaviors that greatly impact our learning community in the classroom and relationships with others.  As a result of practicing mindfulness, I hope to provide students with strategies for calming down, being aware of themselves and others and to tackle challenging tasks/situations.

Below are some helpful resources if you'd like to learn more.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to talk further about this. :)