26 Days Alphabet countdown

Get ready for the countdown. When we get to our last 26 days of school, we will have an alphabet countdown, celebrating 1 letter a day with a different theme.

5/22- A Day- Airplane Day – we will be making paper airplanes today!

5/23- B Day- Bubble Day- we will have time outside to blow bubbles!

5/24- C Day- Chalk Day- we will have time outside to use chalk!

5/28- D Day- Dance Day- we will dance throughout the day! Stop and Dance!

5/29- E Day- Exercise Day- we will do exercises throughout the day, wear comfy workout clothes!

5/30- F Day- Flashlight Day- we will do some work in the dark today using flashlights!

5/31- G Day- Game Day- we will play games throughout the day!

6/3- H Day- Happiness Day- share what makes you happy!

6/4- I Day- I Day- come prepared to share something cool about yourself!

6/5- J Day- Jammie Day- wear your jammies today!

6/6- K Day- Kindness- we will do random acts of kindness today!

6/7- L Day- Lunch with Teacher Day- we will eat together in the classroom! YUM!

6/10- M Day- Music Day- listen to music throughout the day!

6/11- N Day- Note Day- write notes to your friends and family today!

6/12- O Day- Outside Day- enjoy reading and writing and a few other activities outside!

6/13- P Day- Popsicle Day- we will enjoy a Popsicle treat together

6/14- Q Day- Quiet Day- we will enjoy some extra silence today. Bring your pillow for quiet reading time!

6/17- R Day- Rotation Day – we will rotate to different classrooms!

6/18- S Day- Shaving Cream- we will do some learning with shaving cream!

6/19- T Day- Tattoo Day- Mrs. McAllister will give everyone a temporary tattoo!

6/20- U Day- U pick where U sit Day- pick a new spot and sit where U want!

6/21- V Day- Video Day- let’s watch an educational video!

6/24- W Day- Walk Day- we will go on a class walk!

6/25- X Day- eXcellent awards day- we will have a small awards ceremony in the classroom, for Mrs. McAllister to give students emoji awards!

6/26- Y Day- Year End Cleaning Day- we will clean everything and send it all home!

6/27- Z Day- Zero Day- there are zero days of school left!!