Hi families,

With it being the short week before winter break, we did a lot of fun art projects and class games. Thank you to those that made it to the Winter Sharing Concert, the kids had a great time performing for you! Here is a link to the performance. I also attached a class picture:


I felt incredibly spoiled this week all the holiday and birthday gifts this week. Thank you for thinking of me during this time of year! I also appreciate all the kind wishes about my recent engagement.


Phonics/Daily 5

  • Focused on letter sounds E & Y
  • Practiced reading and writing all 25 sight words
      • a, like, I, to, see, the, can, is, and, it, go, at, me, you, no, on, so, in, my, do, am, up, we, he, an
  • Practiced reading and writing our new sight words
    • will, be, with, all, she


  • Continued to explore 3D vs 2D shapes
  • We will be taking a module assessment when we return from break and move on to Module 3


  • Wrote about our plans for winter break

Social Studies

  • Worked on Holidays Around the World Unit
    • Talked about our family traditions and what we already know about holidays around the world
    • So far we have learned about:
      • Hanukkah
      • Diwali
      • Los Posada
      • Kwanza
      • Lucia Day
      • Christmas (we explored how it is celebrated in both America, Australia and Germany)

  Here are some great skills to practice at home with your child during winter break:

  • Read every single day!
  • Practice CVC words (consonant, vowel consonant) both reading & writing
  • Practice writing sight words!! You say a sight word, and they write it without looking
  • Practice writing numbers 0-10 (extra challenge: work on numbers 11-20) without looking at the number (both in and out of order)
  • Practice naming and drawing 2D and 3D shapes. Talk about the difference between the two types of shapes.
  • Talk about the books you are reading at home! Comprehension skills are just as important as being able to read words in a book. Right now we are focusing on connections, visualizing and inferring.
  • Practice writing complete sentences. Have them write about each day of their break. What did you do? Who was there? They should be including who, what and where on each page! This is a perfect opportunity to work on lowercase letters as well.

Enjoy the holidays! I hope you are able to both relax and enjoy time with your families and friends. Thank you again for all the sweet cards and gifts for my birthday & Christmas!