Hi families,

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a relaxing holiday season and were able to enjoy some time off with your friends and family.

Phonics/Daily 5

  • Focused on letter sounds D & V
  • Learned 2 new sight words: out, not
  • Practiced reading and writing all 25 sight words
    • a, like, I, to, see, the, can, is, and, it, go, at, me, you, no, on, so, in, my, do, am, up, we, he, an
    • Practiced reading and writing our new sight words
      • will, be, with, all, she, out, not


    • Reviewed Module 2 in Eureka & took the end of module assessment.
    • I will be sending home their graded assessment by the end of next week. If your child has not mastered all the concepts, these are great things to continue practicing at home.
    • We will begin Module 3 next week


    • We spent this week writing about Winter break. We planned, wrote & read our pieces to the class
    • We began exploring our next genre of writing, pattern books. This unit gives the kids a great opportunity to improve their language conventions as it focuses on sight words, spaces, punctuation and capital vs. lowercase letters.


    • Due to the long break from school, we spent a lot of time this week reviewing expectations. I encourage you to talk to your kiddo about what expected behavior looks like:
    1. At the carpet
    2. In the lunchroom
    3. In the hallway
    4. During learning centers
    5. At recess
    • We set goals for 2019 that will help us learn and grow!

    How Can I Help at Home?

    • Read with your child each night!
    • Practice beginning sounds
    • Practice finding hidden partners in numbers 0-10
    • Practice drawing pictures to match a story and saying the number sentence (ex: I see 2 boys and 2 girls. 2 and 2 make 4)
    • Practice stating 1 more and 1 less than a given number (1-10)
    • Practice writing sight words!! You say a sight word, and they write it without looking
    • Practice writing numbers 0-10 (extra challenge: work on numbers 11-20) without looking at the number
    • Practice naming and drawing 2D and 3D shapes. Talk about the difference between the two types of shapes.
    • During our morning message, we have been practicing counting by 2’s. 5’s, 10’s and backward. This is something they LOVE and can easily be practiced at home.
    • Talk about the books you are reading at home! Comprehension skills are just as important as being able to read words in a book. Right now we are focusing on connections, visualizing and inferring.
    • Practice writing true stories. Have your child include pictures and words and then read their stories back to you. Many of them are struggling to read their own writing.

     Have a nice weekend!