Hi Families,

 I am thrilled that we are finally back at school! The kiddos were excited to share about all their adventures that happened in the last few weeks. It was special reconnecting with each of them.

 With that being said, we also struggled to get back into our usual routine after almost two weeks out of the classroom. We spent a lot of time this week reviewing expectations at the carpet, in the hallway, and during learning centers.

 This year, we have spent a lot of time developing classroom routines and expectations that help our classroom run smoothly. Thus far, I am the one monitoring student behavior and addressing needs that come up. However, one of the skills I am trying to help your kiddos learn is how to self-reflect on their own behavior at school. I added a small new routine to the end of our day called STAR time. During this time, each student reflects on their day. We think about these areas (STAR):

 S: I use self-control to follow directions even if I don’t want to. (self-control)

T: I try my best to do great work (effort)

A: I show a great attitude when I am helpful and encouraging to myself and others. I never give up. (attitude)

R: I show respect by using kind words and actions. (respect)

 We talk about how it’s okay that somedays we won’t have all smiley faces. The most important part is being honest about how each day went. At the end of each week, I have the students think about which area they are most proud of. Then, they get to take home their STAR weekly reflection to show you. Be on the lookout for these coming home on Fridays. They will be a great conversation starter for you to have with your kindergartener. Please keep in mind these are not completed by me and do not reflect my view of their week/day. I am happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about this new reflection process. I attached the PowerPoint that was created to teach the students what each letter of STAR means. This can help you use common language at home.

 Other learning this week:

 Phonics/Daily 5:

  • Reviewed all 5 short vowels
  • Learned digraphs th & sh
  • Reviewed the sight words we have learned so far this year
    • I send home a copy of the sight words each child has mastered and the ones they need to continue working on. If your child was able to read all 42 sight words, have them practice writing the words.


  • Began Module 4 in Eureka math. Please see the attached parent guide.
  • This module introduces concepts that are new to most of our students. Specifically, number bonds.
  • Students can:
    • Model composition and decompositions of numbers to 5 using actions, objects and drawings.
    • Model compositions and decompositions of numbers to 5 using fingers and linking cubes
    • Represent composition story situations with drawings and using numeric number bonds
    • Represent decomposition story situations with drawings using numeric number bonds
    • Represent compositions and decompositions of numbers to 5 using pictorial and numeric number bonds


  • This week we wrote about things we did over the snow days and during break. I wanted the students to get back into the groove of writer’s workshop before beginning our next unit. I normally do a friendly letter unit around Valentine’s Day but due to the weather and missing school we will be jumping into our new Lucy Calkins unit of study, How-To, next week.

 Reading Comprehension: Book- Snakes

  • Essential questions:
    • What is this text about?
    • What are the important details the author shares?
    • How do reptiles and mammals differ?
  • Comprehension focus: questioning 

    How can I help at home?

  • Read with your child each night!
  • Practice identifying the vowel sound in CVC words
  • Practice writing CVC words with short vowel a, e, i and o
  • Practice writing words with digraph th & sh
  • Practice breaking numbers 3, 4, or 5 into two parts and making a number bond to match.
  • Practice counting by 2’s. 5’s, 10’s and backward. This is something they LOVE and can easily be practiced at home.
  • Talk about the books you are reading at home! Comprehension skills are just as important as being able to read words in a book. Right now we are focusing on connections, visualizing and inferring.

 Important Information:

  • Eager Reader: Please see attachments for more information.
    • Please refer to the attached documents and my email sent yesterday.
    • Let’s work towards our class goal of 100% participation by getting all of our kiddos registered!

 **Our class goal is to get 100% class participation. If that happens, we can have a special reading party where each kiddo will bring their favorite book from home and a stuffed animal to read with.

  • Please see attached flyer for Family Engineering Night

 Important dates:

  • Kindergarten musical: Tuesday March 26 at 6:30pm
  • No School: Spring Break April 8-12