Hi Families,

We had a fun week in kindergarten! On Tuesday, we celebrated our 100th day of kindergarten. It’s hard to believe that we have already spent 100 days together learning and growing.

On Tuesday we also met our goal of 75 class Comet Coins. The kids were able to watch a movie on Thursday to celebrate. They got sit anywhere they wanted in the classroom and grab a scoop rocker or stuffed animal to have during the movie time.

I am sending this a day early as I will be out tomorrow.

Phonics/Daily 5:

  • Reviewed all 5 short vowels
  • Learned digraphs ch & ck
  • Reviewed the sight words we have learned so far this year
    • You have now been sent information on which sights words to practice reading and writing with your kiddos at home. We will be continue to work on these for the rest of the month before beginning to add new sight words to our list.
    • I have attached the list of all 42 sight words. You should have a copy with specific information on which words your kiddo knows and the words they still need to work on.
  • Learned about sight words in disguise. Sometimes our sight words have different endings
    • Examples:
      • Like-likes
      • Go-goes, going


  • Students can:
    • Represent number bonds with composition and decomposition story situations
    • Model decompositions of 6 using a story situation, objects and number bonds
    • Model decompositions of 7 using a story situations, sets, and number bonds   

Reading Comprehension:

  • We did not have a book focus this week, instead we used daily read alouds to reinforce specific comprehension strategies we have learned this year.


  • We began a new unit in writing: How-To Books
  • This week we
    • Explored a variety of published how-to books
    • Made a list of different things we know how to do (this makes the writing process much easier)
  • We will begin our actual writing process next week

How can I help at home?

  • Read with your child each night!
  • Practice identifying the vowel sound in CVC words
  • Practice writing CVC words with short vowel a, e, i and o
  • Practice writing words with digraph th, sh, ch, ck
  • Practice breaking numbers 3, 4, or 5 into two parts and making a number bond to match.
  • Practice decomposing 6 & 7
  • Practice counting by 2’s. 5’s, 10’s and backward. This is something they LOVE and can easily be practiced at home.
  • Talk about the books you are reading at home! Comprehension skills are just as important as being able to read words in a book. Right now we are focusing on connections, visualizing and inferring.
  • Go over your child’s STAR reflection sheet. Talk about each day and the area they were most proud of.
    • We are working hard on thinking about our choices and having an honest reflection of our day instead of just picking smileys for each category. If you are noticing that your child is giving themselves all smileys but you have a feeling its not an accurate deception of their day, it is a perfect conversation starter.

Important Information:

  • Eager Reader:
    • Let’s work towards our class goal of 100% participation by getting all of our kiddos registered!

**Our class goal is to get 100% class participation. If that happens, we can have a special reading party where each kiddo will bring their favorite book from home and a stuffed animal to read with.  

Important dates:

  • Report Cards available on Tuesday, March 26th
  • Kindergarten musical: Tuesday March 26 at 6:30pm
  • No School: Spring Break April 8-12

Have a great weekend!