Hi Families,


We had a great week in kindergarten!


We reached our goal of 75 Comet Coins and celebrated on Wednesday with popsicles.


I ended up leaving school early on Thursday with a fever that lasted through the weekend. I am happy to be feeling better so I can be back with your sweet kinders today. We have had a lot of kiddos in the class get sick! This flu going around is bad so please make sure you are keeping your kiddos home until they are 24 hours fever free!


Phonics/Daily 5:

  • Reviewed all 5 short vowels
  • Reviewed digprahs: th, sh, ch, ck, oo
  • Reviewed long vowel a
  • Learned long vowel: i & o
  • Practiced writing sight words and other words in disguise.



  • Students can:
    • Represent decompositions and composition additional stories to 6 with drawings and equations with no unknown.
    • Represent decompositions and composition additional stories to 7 with drawings and equations with no unknown.
    • Represent decompositions and composition additional stories to 8 with drawings and equations with no unknown.
    • Solve add to with result unknown word problems to 8 with equations.
    • Solve put together with total unknown word problems to 8 using objects and drawings.



  • We began a new unit in writing: How-To Books
  • This week’s mini lessons included:
    • Writers study the kind of writing they plan to make
    • Writer use what they already know: touching and telling the steps across pages
    • Writers become readers, asking “can I follow this”



How can I help at home?

  • Read with your child each night!
  • Practice identifying the vowel sound in CVC words
  • Practice writing CVC words with short vowel a, e, i and o
  • Practice writing words with digraphs
  • Practice long vowel words (CVCe)
  • Practice breaking numbers 3-8 into two parts and making a number bond to match.
  • Practice decomposing 3-8
  • Practice writing number sentences (equations) to 8.
  • Practice counting by 2’s. 5’s, 10’s and backward. This is something they LOVE and can easily be practiced at home.
  • Talk about the books you are reading at home! Comprehension skills are just as important as being able to read words in a book. Right now we are focusing on connections, visualizing and inferring.
  • Go over your child’s STAR reflection sheet. Talk about each day and the area they were most proud of.

Important Information:

  • Eager Reader:
  • I am SO excited that we reached our goal of 100% class participation
  • We will celebrate by having a read-in tomorrow. The kids may bring 1 stuffed animal & 1 book from home.
  • Make sure you are keeping track of your child’s minutes online!


Important dates:

  • Report Cards available on Tuesday, March 26th
  • Kindergarten musical: Tuesday March 26 at 6:30pm

Students may meet in our classroom at 6:15 while families find seats. You will also be picking your child up from the classroom once the concert is over. You are more than welcome to have your kindergartener dress up! They have been working very hard for this concert and we look forward to seeing you all there.

  • No School: Spring Break April 8-12


Have a great week!