Hi Families,

 We had a great week in kindergarten! The kids enjoyed our spirit days leading up to The Color Run! J

 Phonics/Daily 5:

  • Reviewed long/short vowels
  • Reviewed digraphs and blends
  • Began learning new phonics skills:
    • Long E Digraphs ee/ea
  • Continued to practice sight words
  • We have been working HARD to only use lowercase letters on our work. You will notice that some work may be coming home with marks on it from me. I have been helping the kiddos correct some of their work by changing capital to lowercase letters. Please note more about the skill in the writing portion of this update.

 Reading Comprehension

  • Theme: Butterflies
  • Main Text: Butterflies by Laura Marsh
  • Essential Questions:
    • How does understanding the vocabulary words help you retell?
    • What can you say about the life cycle of a butterfly?
  • Vocabulary Words
    • Nectar
    • Chrysalis
    • Migration
    • Instinct
    • Generation
  • Comprehension Strategy: Visualizing


  • We continued Module 5 in math. The students are enjoying talking about teen numbers!
  • Students can:
    • Count sticks the Say Ten way to 19; make a pike for each ten
    • Count sticks the Say Ten way to 20; make a pike for each ten
    • Model with objects and represent numbers 10 to 20 with place value or Hide Zero Cards
    • Model and write numbers 10 to 20 as number bonds
    • Model teen numbers with materials from abstract to concrete


  • We began our next unit in writing: Persuasive/ Opinion
  • Students can:
    • Identify facts
    • Identify opinions
    • Explain their opinion on a variety of topics
    • Continue to practice:
      • Spelling
        • Read their own writing
        • Write a letter for the sounds they heard
        • Use the word wall to help them spell (correctly write sight words)
      • Punctuation
        • Put spaces between words
        • Used lowercase letters unless capitals are needed
        • Write a capital letter to start ever sentence

 How can I help at home?

  • Read with your child each night!
  • Review phonics with your child:
    • Short vowels
    • Long vowels (magic e)
    • Digraphs
    • Blends
    • ee/ea
  • Practice addition and subtraction to 10 (using pictures, number bonds and equations)
  • Practice finding groups of 10-20 and using the phrasing “I have 10 ones and ____ ones”
    • This will help the transition to teen numbers
  • Go over your child’s STAR reflection sheet. Talk about each day and the area they were most proud of.
  • Work on fact fluency with your child. If you notice they are coming home with the same practice sheet each day, then reviewing addition problems to 5 would be helpful!
  • Practice addition and subtraction problems to 10. These can have unknown or known parts.
    • Example of unknown: There are 7 balls. Some are green and some are red. Draw the balls and write an equation.
    • Example of known parts: There were 7 balls. 3 balls rolled away. Draw the balls and write an equation.
  • Have your child teach you the life cycle of a butterfly
  • Have your child teach you facts about butterfly migration
  • Continue to practice writing at home. This can be reviewing how-to books, writing true stories, or writing about their day. Any type of writing will be helpful. Make sure students are writing using lowercase letters unless capitals are needed!

 Important Information:

  • Classroom Needs! As we are approaching the end of the school year, there are few items we are in need of to last us through June 27th! Below are the items with links to Amazon. Thank you to families that are willing to contribute! J

 Hope to see some of you this evening at The Color Run!

Have a great weekend!